28 July 2011

A few little projects.


I have been busy in terms of crafty projects this week. I find the summer is a great time to embark on some of those bigger projects I have seen and saved up.

On my last post I blogged with a set of photos I had edited. I edited them in a program called be funky which was so simple to use. It has rad. effects like that instant camera frame. Minor love affair over here. I chose around seventy ( I know, I couldn't help myself) photos and applied a vintage effect to each one as well as the instant frame effect.

I printed off this collection and got started on a new wall display in my room based on something I had seen on pinterest. It was very straight forward to do if a little fiddly. I chose my favourite photos from the last few months. The result is a colourful collection of memories.

Yesterday I sat down with mum and we embarked on another little project. Every now and again I decide to update my wardrobe and that normally involves buying fabric then trying to conceptualise the idea for the new garment. My mother could have been a seamstress she is so good. I simply told her what I wanted; a gathered skirt with a fixed waistband and a zipper and she sat down with me and we had whipped it up in under an hour. No pattern. Honest.

A sweet little dolly skirt.

Finally another, yep, another, bracelet. Seriously who doesn't love summer bracelets? This tutorial can be found here. Uber simple, very effective.

What crafty projects have you been up to recently?

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JO SOWERBY said...

lovely, lovely, lovely. beautiful pictures, skirt and bracelets,
jo xxx

Eve said...

I did the same with pictures on the wall in my rom, but we're moving in about a week so I had to take them all down! A very sad moment, I assure you :( Love the skirt though <3 xx

Sian said...

Oh, I saw that on Pinterest - how nice to see someone pick up the idea and make it happen

Sarah said...

Love the pics on the waqll idea!! Looks fab!! Skirt and bracelet very pretty too!