24 July 2011

putting the pictures into action.

Pinterest. My love affair ( the boy doesn't really understand!). I have a whole board devoted to craft DIY. There are literally hundreds of projects I see everyday and think "oh, I could make that."

I figured though after looking at this that I had better stop browsing and dreaming and actually put some of those pictures and ideas into action.

So, I saw this and fell in love. It isn't actually a DIY but a canvas for sale. It is beautiful but rather expensive so I decided that it couldn't be too difficult to make myself.

I simply stuck a piece of 12x12 on thick cardboard and got out my letter stickers. Thickers work very well for this ( I grudgingly admit) as well as large chipboard letters. I also used fairly flat stickers for a more subtle effect.

A word to the wise, try and use pale coloured stickers otherwise covering them in cream paint is a long job! I stuck my words on in vague heart shaped patterned and got to covering them in magnolia wall paint. Really easy and relaxing and voila a simple wall hanging which I am intending to frame for a fraction of the price of the original.

This was something else that I saw and fell in love with. This is linked to a comprehensive DIY.

A very easy make. I used coordinating patterned papers on the wooden blocks and then rather than put photos on them I put letter stickers. The pictures would be a cute idea though!

Is there anything you have found on pinterest and made? I would love to know!

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Sian said...

Great question (and cool projects, I love those blocks!) - I saw a lovely way of photographing a ring. So I took a picture of my engagement ring - two weeks later I lost a diamond from it, but at least I still have the picture until my ring is fixed!

Katie said...

Love your canvas and blocks. I've become addicted to Pinterest and trying to make projects too. I made some blocks with WINTER on them (and planning to do a different season each on 3 of the other sides) plus I made a superhero cape for my baby boy after being inspired by pins :-)

JO SOWERBY said...

i adore pinterest so much, it's my latest addiction. so far i have seen loads i'd like to make but not yet done so, maybe this will kick me up the you know what,
jo xxx