15 July 2011

Scrapbook secrets.

I have a confession. In fact several confessions regarding scrapbooking.You ready?

I stick EVERYTHING down with prit-stick. I have tried other things, tape, glue dots etc, Prit stick is so much simpler. Wipe on, turn over, stick. And, it stays. the same cannot be said for re positional tape. I should know.

I get overly excited walking into a DIY store. There are a hundred and one things to use on a page. Don't even get me started on the wall paper section. The trouble is, my enthusiasm for hardware stores has lead my Mum to be overly enthusiastic too. Today we walked into habitat (homeware I know but close enough) and she found this incredible roll of alphabet tape. She got very excited showing me especially when it was only 50p! Good find mum!

I order my photos online. I know it is perhaps easier to print them out myself but the quality is awful. I also don't think I can effictively pursade my family that getting a 12x12 printer is an "investment piece". Online is cheap, 10p a picture and on most companies if you sign uop you get forty free anyway.

I organise my paper in colours. Cardstock and patterned together. Each section is neatly labeled. All the scraps are also colour sorted. Slightly OCD I know, but hey, it works for me.

I have a speical box of my favourite paper. I don't know if anyone else finds this but if I put new paper in with the old I tend to forget it. Therefore this box contains all of my new pieces so I can really make the most of them! Reading back, this is strange. You can be forgiven for thinking I am barmy.

I don't own a single paper punch. Therefore naturally no photo! I think it is because they are quite expensive. If I had one I would probably use it quite a lot but I have coped without for so long that I can never see the point of getting on. I prefer cutting by hand.

I scrapbook listening to Harry Potter. Stephen Fry reads so well and it is lovely to listen to a novel whilst I craft.

I cover my desk in newspaper so it isn't wrecked by paint etc. I scrapbook and lots of ideas come to my head so I scribble these on the newspaper around the edge of the page I am making.

I don't use or really like thickers. There, I said it. Shoot me.

What are your scrapbook secrets? Are mine totally outrageous or are there those of you who are actually similar to me?!

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Miss Smith said...

Oooh, controversial! No THICKERS!!!!!!????

I'm with you on the adhesive, only I stick with double sided tape. Made by sellotape. "Real" crafty tapes are expensive and I don't get on with them.

And I have a favourite paper box too.

I think I might do a post like this too, if you don't mind. Fab idea, and I'll link :D

JO SOWERBY said...

No Thickers..............well we all have our funny lil quirks i suppose. This would make a fab bloghop idea Abi.
I do use repositional tape and doublesided and it works ok for me. I like that I dont get messy. I do use pritt glue on art journalling stuff though.
I have too many boxes to count with bits and bobs in but am trying to use them gradually.
I use baking parchment cheap as chips to use, reuse and throw away.
I use an empty box for spray inking. I like drippage as Dina Wakeley would say.
I like my punches but have edging scissors I sometimes use if I want something else. I find to cut straight though thats my problem.
Jo xxxx

Jennifer Grace said...

I hate using pritt stick! I think it's wierd of me, because in other aspects of craft I'm happy to get my hands messy - covered in paint or pva I'm totally happy with - but I hate getting pritt stick on my fingers! And on my table, other embellies, it always seems to end up somewhere I don't want it! But I do use it sometimes because it works out cheaper.

Very interesting post, I love seeing other people's 'habits'! x

Anonymous said...

i agree- this would be a fun blog hop. love all ur little secrets....

Miss Smith said...

Done it :D

JulieJ said...

I can't get on with Pritt stick - it goes lumpy. I use equivalents from Tombo etc. wherever I can find them. If anyone thinks of trying WHSmiths cheaper version , don't. It doesn't stick very well - although I suppose if you want a temporary adhesive it's pretty good.
I like punches - cutting takes so long and my eyesight is going so I'm not sure I could do anything too fiddly. But no, nothing too weird here I think.

Lou said...

I get photos printed online too and have a new paper box!! Great post :)

Lizzie said...

No, I'm not a Pritt-stick fan either... I use Anita's Tacky pva glue a lot of the time, plus that red-backed extra-sticky double-sided tape, the odd glue dot and foam pads for a bit of dimension/interest. I actually hate glue sticks, because after a while the glue loses its stick and stuff begins to fall off. PVA is permanent - I mean, really, permanently permanent - no coming unstuck (no correcting mistakes!!). Love it!
I also sort my papers in a certain way. I keep plain cardstock in a separate place to patterned papers, but I do sort them by colour.
I sometimes use Thickers, but I'm not really a mad fan, so I can accept your slight weirdness... I suppose (lol). I never noticed your "lack" (of thickers), so that must mean your pages are good without them...
Carry on Miss Beach, you're doing a fine job!

And Jo is right, this would be a fab subject for a blog hop. When do we all post?