18 July 2011

Garlands and Tutorial


I have recently moved house and when a girl is faced with a new room she has to decorate right?
As seen from previous posts my addiction to bunting knows no bounds.

Well the addiction for garlands I think may be eclipsing that, especially now I have joined pinterest and seen so many lovely things to make.
Garlands are light, easy to string up, pretty and quick to make.

This is my take on a really simple pinwheel style.

1. First to make the strips. I used a second hand book and took a page at a time and cut it in half lengthwise. You will need quite a lot as three strips make on pinwheel.

2. Concertina fold the strip until it looks like this.

Then fold in half and glue together.

3. Once you have made three of them you can see that together they make a nice circle. Again glue the outside fold of one to the other to join them up.

4. Any sort of twine or string works for this project. There should be a small whole in the pinwheel so push the twine through this.

5. For added colour I then cut out circles of a floral patterned paper and sandwiched the twine inbetween them like so.

6. Voila! A pretty garland.

Garlands look beautiful strung up above windows so when the breeze blows they flutter gently.

A lovely summer addition to a room.

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JO SOWERBY said...

ooh prettiness. what a fab idea for swift decor and a lovely bunting tutorial abi. hope ur settling in nicely and havent moved too far from the boy,
jo xxx

Jenny said...

Oooh! I may have to try that. Thanks.

Lizzie said...

How lovely, Abi! Very pretty and clever. I may try this too... having baby nieces gives me so many excuses for pretty projects!
Did your whole family move house? Does that mean you don't have that gorgeous big garden now? Where will you take photos...