6 August 2011

Album artwork inspiration


Today I thought I would introduce something a bit different. Something I hope to continue for a few months.
I sometimes find it difficult to get inspiration and sometimes need a picture or sketch in front of me to boost my mojo.

It was only the other day when listening to music did I realise that album artwork is incredible. Such time and effort has been put in to create that music sleeve.I decided therefore to try my hand at using one album cover as the soul source of inspiration for a layout.

It was such fun and really focused my creativity into one area. There are so many oppertunities to try this so i would LOVE it if you would join me once a month to play around with album artwork.

The rules are simple:

I will post an album cover and it is from there you can take inspiration into ANY crafty area you wish. It could be a layout, it could be a card it could simply be a blog post.

Use something from the album cover to inspire you. It could be the colours, the shapes, the photograph, the concept.

The crucial one. Use a song title from that particular album on your layout, craft project or blog post. This could be a really good starting point from which to bounce from.

Leave me a link to your post or project in the comments box so we can all gain inspiration from each other.

You ready to play along?

So. This month is All things bright and beautiful by Owl City.

I was really drawn by the shapes and minimalist simplicity of this album cover as well as the beautiful colours. I tried to incorporate this in my page with accents in a darker colour. It was great fun to do and really made me think outside the box.
"Dreams don't turn to dust" is a track from the album and seemed a fitting title for this happy couple.

So, how does this inspire you?

Loves xxx

P.S Album choices are made by artistic capability not by music taste. That said, Owl city are very good.

P.P.S The font for the album was found here.


Jennifer Grace said...

Great idea for an inspiration source, I love the colours on this album cover, and you've interpreted it beautifully! x

Maria Ontiveros said...

Love this idea Abi. Perfect for art journaling. And thanks for giving us a full month to work on it.

Katie said...

Such a cool idea! Will def try to play along :-)