24 August 2011

Holiday moments

First, I want to say thank you for all your congratulations about my results. I have an amazing group of blog friends who on a wet and miserable day made me smile every few minutes as your comments came in!

Although it is tempting to fill the blog with holiday photos, I thought that for your sanity I would share just a few of my favourites.

For those of you who like the detail we visited the west side of the Island; a place called Polis which is near the city Pathos. It is quite rural and tends not to be too touristy.

We stayed in a beautiful villa with a pool in the back garden. The littlest one (who isn't really so little) is a fish in another life. He lived in it!

The Island has some lovely fishing ports; a great place to capture detailed photos.

Enjoying the sea and the sun.

There were plenty of archaeological sites including some stunning mosaics and ruins.

Beautiful and magnificent buildings. Inside these churches were the most stunning icons and paintings.

The weather was so hot so an icecream was a must have. This posh little ice cream shop had a mouth watering display. Given the chance I could have eaten most of those flavours.

Greek signs. I have no idea what this says but it looks nice!

A fun action shot of the "fish"

The villa overlooked the sea. A beautiful thing to wake up to.

Turtle nests.

We visited a waterpark. Those are slides you are looking at and incredibly both boys went on them...and enjoyed a vertical drop down a wet piece of plastic! mad.

A brief glimpse of a lovely holiday as a family.

What have you been up to?

Loves xxxx


Beverly said...

It looks like a great place to vacation. I love the first photo of the "the Fish". He does seem to have outgrown his other name lol My 19 yesr old asked when he'd stop being Baby Boy so I am having to consider that ;)

Lou said...

Fantastic photos....looks like you had a super time xx

Jo.C said...

Brilliant photos - they show how good a holiday it was and I love pistachio icecream and love sampling the different flavours.

Jennifer Grace said...

Great photos, I love the action shot of 'the fish' jumping into the pool! And that ice cream looks delicious. X