3 August 2011

I am Blessed// Layout

I don't know if this happens to anyone else but every now and again I print a photo that means a lot. It may be because of the time it was taken, the quality of it or just simply that it is of someone special. I find myself wanting desperately to scrap this photo but because it is so precious I put far too much pressure on myself to create the "right" layout. Sound familiar or is that just me?

This picture of me and the boy was just that. It records an end of my school life, the last time I celebrated with friends and the relationship the boy and I have shared at school for three years. Knowing what I could be like I told myself there were no strings attached with this photo. I therefore went into making this page hoping to have fun rather than do the photo justice.

I have NEVER done a page like this before. There aren't many elements to it, the embelishments are scattered and what is with those leaves coming from the side of the page! That has never happened before! My mind surprised me with what I came up with. It was fun to create a page with a bit of a difference.

Along with a no pressure layout I told myself it would be a no pressure journalling page too. Therefore I steered away from what the picture means and literally let my pen flow writing about
me and the boy.

I was going to call this page I am lucky but only once I had done the journalling did I realise that actually rather than be lucky I was really blessed.

The journalling reads:

Lucky to have had your for over three years, Lucky to feel a part of your family.
Lucky that you have such a sense of humour, I am lucky to have someone who excepts my quirks.
Lucky to be so loved, lucky to call you mine.
But looking at it rather than be lucky I am really blessed.

Has a layout ever surpirsed you in how it has turned out or the direction your journalling went?

Thanks for stopping by

Loves xxxx

P.S I have now framed this layout as it is a new fav. Top tip, Urban outfitters sell 12x12 black frames, two for £18. Go get! I have never found 12x12 frames before now!


Eve said...

Love the little embellishments :) sometimes its worth stepping back and seeing in just how many ways God has blessed us, often without us even realising!! <3 xxx

JO SOWERBY said...

loving the new blog header abi, so ethereal. as for the LO well it is stunning. it looks like a digital LO from a distance, it wasn't until I looked more closely i realised. i really like the leaves and the way the colours make the B7W picture really pop. so pleased you've framed it and what a steal. now to find an urban outfitters.
jo xxx

scrappyjacky said...

Just love this,Abi...and I think the leaves make it.
Love the new blog header as well.

Sian said...

Beautiful. All of it.

debs14 said...

A lovely layout Abi, and a lovely sentiment.

Jennifer Grace said...

Lovely layout and journaling. And such a sweet photo. I do the same thing of putting pressure on layouts with special photos, well done for letting it flow! x