25 August 2011

Dear L and J

Dear L and J

You two falling for each other has been one of my highlights this last year.
L, you are my best friend and J, I have known you for so long that I think of you like a brother. Seeing you two getting together therefore is like having to strands of "family" unite.

It was such an honour to take photos for you two. You are so comfortable around each other that I managed to capture some lovely and genuine moments without too much hard work!

Your relationship is flourishing and it is beautiful to watch as I see you bring out the best side of each other.

It was lovely to spend a few hours in the sun with you two on that bright day. J, I have to confess that although you thought (and still do) that this was simply a picnic with a few snapshots, it was actually me and your girlfriends ploy to get your camera shy self into a "photo shoot" We know that if we told you our real intentions you would never have come in the first place! I apologise for our deception but I think we kept the secret rather well!

Thank you for both being so willing to smile for me. I pray that as this new phase in your lives comes you will stay true to one another because if these pictures are anything to go by, I want to be at the wedding!

All my love

Abi xxx

P.S. For you photography minded people I captured most of these with a fixed 50mm lens set with an aperture of f1.8 and a shutter speed adjusted accordingly. I edited them in a program called "be funky" with boosted contrast/brightness and a vintage effect.


Jennifer Grace said...

These photos are beautiful! The one of the piggy back ride is so natural and happy. X

Unknown said...