20 April 2012

Quirky Likes//Dislikes

There are big things I love and hate, the typical things; I hate swearing and I love hot chocolate. The other day I sat down and thought about the things that make me smile, the little inconsequential things that I like and the little niggles that I hate. The things that make me, me.

If I did project life (which I don't) this would be a page. Thinking about it this may turn into a LO though.

So, here, in list format, just for the fun of it, are my likes and dislikes aged nineteen:

Likes: Fairy lights, pretty bunting, long evening shadows, the smell of cut grass, the hum of a sewing machine, clean socks, the smell of laundry on the washing line, home baking, finding photos on a memory card, new library books, coffee, sweet notes written in cards, train journeys, long phone calls, sun warmed sofas, rugby matches on TV, board games, open fires, crunchy leaves, the smell of new tennis balls, pretty bed linen, beautiful poetry, bolts of new material, chunky scarves, kraft paper, slippers, worship, watching DVD's in bed on a laptop, putting new photos in frames, texts late at night, family car journeys, making a new playlist, inky fingers and new underwear.


Dislikes: Feeling cold and shivery in bed at night, moths, birds flapping around you, soggy towels, smell of fish, computer errors, running out of minutes on a phone contract, sunday nights, sandy shoes, running out of battery, narrow roads at night, wondering what book to start next, rudeness on the internet, having to blow your nose with loo paper rather than a tissue, forgetting to put a watch on in the morning, missed calls, old flower water and laziness.

What are your quirky likes and dislikes, I'd love to know!



helena said...

great idea for a Lo or project life. I agree with lots on your lists. I'd add - like pack of coloured pens, spring bulbs, new bread

dislike - trousers without pockets, walking in slush, turning on TV to discover last 10 minutes of a loved program

Anonymous said...

I love this little insight :-) I SO agree with you on feeling cold in bed at night, COMPUTERS when they don't work!!, loo paper instead of tissues........... so frustrating! I also LOVE the smell of new tennis balls, bunting, fairy lights. Ah the list could go on! Such a fab post :-)