31 May 2012

Around here May edtion

Around here in May. Lots of walking around taking plenty of photos, trying to capture some interesting angles. Waterslide fun with the borders on a scorching weekend. Family time at the cricket. Loving the fields full of beautiful flowers. Enjoying long walks with good friends on our day off. Long sunny evenings. Sunbathing on the crash mats- they are amazing sun traps. Experimenting with lens flare. Sports day all dressed up in our finery! Phew! I wanted May to be busy and it hasn't dissappointed!

What has your May looked like? 


Sian said...

You've been making the most of the glorious weather then!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Photo 2 and 4 are awesome! For the fifth one, I would want to crop in closely around the girl on the right (her face surrounded by the dandelions) and turn it into a card!

Susanne said...

It's been a while since I visited - you are quite the photographer. I enjoyed the pics very much, as well as the previous post with the blue background photos. Take care.

Jennifer Grace said...

Great photos, I love the watersplash one. Lots of experimental photography going well! x