18 May 2012

My favourite mobile camera apps


One of my goals this month was to take more photos on my camera phone. It is a good camera and has the advantage that it is totally portable- unlike my big SLR.
I take a very different approach to camera photography though. If I want a lovely clean, focused photo I will always choose my big camera. With phone photos I feel I can spice them up a bit!
At the end of the day the fact that I captured the picture is important- not what it is captured on.

So without further ado I want to share a few of my favourite camera apps that help create some quirky and fun phone photos.

* These are all android apps. I am sure however that most are available for i-phone users.*


This app is outstandingly good in terms of the range of effects. You can edit on an existing photo or take one striaght away and then edit. There are endless presets and filters to try out. Most give a vintage or cross process type filter. There are some great light leaks as well as a few chemical burns and some rad frames. This app is not subtle in terms of filters so you have to be careful not to go overboard! The app is also available online so if you like to edit on a big screen this is an option.

Retro camera

This app is so sweet. On opening it brings up a selection of "retro cameras". Select one and then take the photo. The corresponding effect is added to the photo dependant on what camera was selected. I used this app a lot on holiday last year. Quick and easy although the picture size is quite small.

Action Snap

What it says on the tin really. It transforms your phone into a quick fire burst camera. You can choose how many frames to shoot, ask someone to move and click the shutter. It will freeze the action into the frames and then allows simple editing. The littlest brother and I have so much fun with this! 

Camera 360

 I have only got this app recently so haven't tested everything on it yet. So far though I find it to be a really neat little package. The beauty of it is that you can choose an effect and then shoot the photo unlike most apps where the editing has to be done after. The app has a great tilt shift filter and beautiful vintage presets too. A HUGE wealth of effects to choose from including some pretty quirky ones.

What apps do you like? Any suggestions?


Gina said...

All I can say is I wish I had a phone that could take pictures ;) X

Sian said...

I've been taking a lot more pictures since I started using my phone - I'll be checking for iphone versions of these. Thank you

emhowl said...

I like Vignette and Skitch for my HTC.

Sandeep Katwala said...

Looking towards descriptoin on your phone camera i think it must be having good resolution and clarity may I know which phone it is. It might help me also whenever I forget to carry my cam.
- Wedding Photographers in NJ

Unknown said...

Camera Zoom FX and Little Photo are definitely on my list. Camera Zoom FX holds a huge array of photo effects while keeping the interface simple and easy to use. Little Photo, on the other hand, gives you a lot of filter combinations merged with a tap and go interface. You would have to pay a little extra for plug-ins though, but it’s very worth it!

Kiera Keisler