3 May 2012

Scraping the Surface & a little bit of audience participation


*Today is Operation Speak Out- get your commenting shoes on!*
The other day I was thinking... ( shock I know)
Our blogs are funny things aren't they?
One the one hand they are personal and intimate.
We share photos and hopes and dreams.

On the other hand these hopes and dreams and photos and posts are- for me- anyway just scraping the surface of everything that goes on in the little world of Abi.

I pride myself on the fact that my blog is as much real life as craft. ( I personally like this balance). My blog is a document of me.
But how much of "me" do I realistically need to keep off my blog and how much should I put on?

An example is the boy.
He is part of me, so I document us.
But, he is his own person- hence why I choose not to use his name.

Where is the line between sharing and not sharing?

Interesting huh? (or is that just me?)

I also tried to put myself in the shoes of someone new to my blog. How accurate a picture of Abi do they get? I came to the conclusion that there isn't a great snapshot of me. A good summing up. If you read regularly I think you might get a better idea of me but if you were just visiting? I want there to be something more than just an "about" page.

This is where I need some help...

I would like to start a FAQ section on the blog.
So here is your chance to be nosey!!!
If you have a question about anything to do with me/ my crafts/ my blog/ my photos leave it in the comment box. It can be as simple as what do you eat for breakfast!?

Hopefully putting all this together I can make a better all round picture of me and hopefully give you guys some interesting content!

Thank you thank you thank you in advance!



Sian said...

Hmm..trying not to be too nosey :) Maybe this is something I should know or have guessed, but what are you going to study next year?

scrappyjacky said...

I think you probably need to visit anyone's blog regularly to get a good picture of them......and I certainly enjoy the balance on your blog.

Lynn said...

Very thought provoking post - mmm now Sian has already asked my question! So what about any hopes or dreams for the future?

Maria Ontiveros said...

I'm having fun commenting away today! I changed my blog reading a bit today - starting with my art friends, instead of starting with my professional blogs (which I usually click through without commenting). For my FAQ, how about:
"Describe your typical day."

Beverly said...

What do you see yourself doing 10 years from now and where will you be living? What i syour most favorite meal for your mom to prepare when you are home from school? I tried to do a really good job of staying focused on work today and away from blogs so I am doingmy commenting a day late ...but I comment a good bit always ;)

debs14 said...

My question is how do you and The Boy manage without seeing each other daily now you are no longer at the same school? My son and his girlfriend stayed together through 3 years with him in Sheffield and her in Manchester and are still together now, so I know it can be done!

Missus Wookie said...

Your comment on the boy being his own person is exactly why my blog is all made up names. Didn't manage to do much for the last two weeks with blogs so had no idea it was a comment day.

Questions I like to read the answers too.... why do you blog? What's in it for you?