21 May 2012

The sheepish Coffee drinker

Hi all

Hope you had a glorious weekend.

So lets get down to it.. I wish I was a good coffee drinker. To me there is something very mature about knowing about coffee, about learning how to make a good fresh mug and more importantlu what type of coffee to choose.

I have resigned myself to the fact that I can never be that person. For one I have no problem with instant coffee.
Number two, I cannot remember the names of all those coffees. I find one I like think "oh lets have that next time it was yummy" next time comes around and lo and behold I have forgotton the name of it.
Number three- and this is the biggy- I don't like strong coffee. I douse my coffee with a liberal helping of milk. I feel this is close to blasphemy for you seasoned coffee drinkers.

So instead I order my regular coffee and sit in the shop enjoying the smell of the beans sheepishly drinking. Pretending to all the world that I know what I am doing.

I don't. This whole coffee thing is just a charade, I love the taste but haven't a clue!

Unfortunately I can never be the girl who strolls through town and casually orders her special drink precisely to her taste without a moments thought.

Give me tea and I am your woman. Doesn't quite have the same feel about it though does it? Less American chic more british woman!

Ah well- there's always cakes!

Thanks for stopping by.


Sian said...

My coffee is always black, strong and with no sugar. I've recently discovered redbush tea though - lovely!

Lynn said...

I'm definately a tea girl - epecially in the morning. I only ever drink coffee when I'm out - never at home! However I do love the smell of the fresh coffee my husband brews every morning.

helena said...

I'm one of those who rattles of my precise order - but then when i visit a different country (or sometimes even a different coffee chain) they don't understand my order and I have to try to think of a way to get what I want in their language

I suggest you try a large latte or a half strenght medium latte - both will give you lots of milk

scrappyjacky said...

I liberally douse mine in milk as well....and I do love a Costa vanilla latte. I have to start the day with tea though.

debs14 said...

If you like you coffee milky - then latte is a good choice. Even though I love coffee, I can't drink it strong and definitely need milk and a bit of sugar in it. I have times of day for different drinks! Cup of tea to start the day, mid morning coffee, after lunch a cup of tea and then late afternoon another coffee. It wouldn't feel right to change the order!

Lizzie said...

There is nothing wrong with milky coffee. I think that is an aquired taste - you see, I can't bear milk in coffee. It's not a snobby / sophisticated / clever reason... it just makes me sick! You carry on with your nice milky coffee and your choice of nice teas - it sounds just right to me!
And yes, there is Always Cake!

Maria Ontiveros said...

I love your photograph today. And I love coffee. Double csppiccino, in small cup!
Or a skinny vanilla latte, if I'm craving something sweet.

Amy said...

I can't even drink coffee, love the smell but the taste makes me feel sick ... so, you know, you are doing fine!