6 May 2012

Storytelling Sunday- The Boiler and the Mouse


Yep, it's that time again. Seriously, I count down to storytelling sunday! Sian, it was such a great idea. Thank you.

This is a story from yesterday.
Picture the scene if you would. The family is all home for the bank holiday weekend. This includes the youngest brothers girlfriend and the boy.

Our house is pretty crazy at the best of times. With seven people? It's brilliant!

So.. our two cats were stalking the boiler all morning. The intellectually challenged cat tried to fit down the side of it, with the airer in the way. One dusty and squashed cat later, he decides this is not such a good idea. The clever cat sits and watches.

We all have a faint idea that there might me something hiding behind said boiler.

At that moment mum moves over to take the airer and littlest brother cries.

"mum, there's a mouse on it!"

Mum, oblivious is lifting the airer.."where?? I can't see the mouse!"

 In one swift movement me and the littlest brothers girlfriends are up on chairs screaming "mouse, mouse!" "ahhh mouse." in an incredibly melodramatic way. Mum is still puzzled, the two brothers and the boy are leaning over the boiler to try and see said mouse and Dad is asking what on earth is happening.

The noise in the kitchen is incredible. Mousey has retreated behind the boiler. The stupid cat has decided to flee the scene and my Dad has reached over to shut the backdoor to which he was greeted with more shrieks... "don't shut the door, that's how the mouse will get out! Don't block the exit!"

Mousey's tail comes back into view. At this point the boy has found a torch and mother is armed with a wooden spoon- what she thinks she will do with this spoon I don't know.

My Brother then realises that the torch has a magnetic retractable stick. He uses this to try and poke mousey only to realise the stick has attracted to the boiler. Slick.

Whilst he is trying to pull it off, me and the girlfriend are still shrieking, the boy is crying that he can see it and mother issues a sceam...

"My cake, my cake in the oven!!!" The cake is rescued from the oven in the nick of time smoke starting to appear.

The boiler is now surrounded. The boy on one side with the torch, the brother with the spoon and mother with a plastic tub.

We wait.

Mousey does not come out.

They try shaking the boiler. Nothing. They try being quiet. Nothing.

The mouse capturing team leave their stations and the girlfriend and I descend from the chairs. All day we are ready but nothing happens.

This story doesn't really have an ending because as we speak...

Mousey is still behind the boiler. We think.

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Amy said...

Your Mum with the wooden spoon made me laugh, it's always the first thing my Mum grabs as well!

Ladkyis said...

love it!!!

scrappyjacky said...

Will look forward to the ending of this story next month!!!!!

Jo.C said...

I'm glad she remembered the cake :0) Brilliant story.

debs14 said...

My favourite bit of the story is your mum with the wooden spoon! I wonder how effective it would be against a terrified mouse? I wonder where mousey will appear next? I suspect you haven't seen/heard the last of it!

Sian said...

Yep, me too! I love the bit about the wooden spoon! I once kicked a mouse which appeared in our kitchen. Well, I was wearing big boots and I was pretty annoyed with it..

I think this story might just have a sequel..what the mouse does next! Thanks Abi for making us laugh today

Sabrina DS said...

Wooden spoons have many virtues ;-)
Have a nice Sunday,
Cheers from France

Alana said...

I like the fact that the cats just watched...hope it doesn't reappear later today.

Missus Wookie said...

We discovered once that our boiler had had a mouse nest when the boiler was serviced. Glad that your Mum had a wooden spoon to defend you all!

furrypig said...

this sounds such a familiar story our cat often catches a mouse then lets it go and we have great fun (not!) trying to find it and catch it... I have never used a wooden spoon tho!

Clare said...

What a funny tale, I wonder if the mouse is still there now, biding his time, wondering whether he'll get squashed with a spoon!

Irene said...

A great story. You have captured all the drama of the event, especially the cats' disinterest when they should have been stalking the boiler. Hope it all ended peacefully!

Lynn said...

Has the mouse appeared yet? A great mousey "tail"!

Cheri said...

Our cats stalked the kitchen for days. Turned out they were right - eventually two mice were caught and disposed of. Hope yours is found soon!

Unknown said...

Sounds like an exciting day. Glad the cake was saved :-)

Maria Ontiveros said...

This reminds me of the time there was a bat in the law school dorm!

Lizzie said...

Aww...poor little mouse! To coin a familiar saying, "I'm sure it was far more afraid of you....". I bet he sneaked out and escaped - no mouse in his right mind would hang around after that sort of "welcoming committee"!

Gail said...

LOL - Brilliant story! I'm with Amy - a wooden spoon is the first thing my Mum would reach for - like the time the hamster got out.