15 October 2012

How about some tea?

I used this format of post a month or so ago and loved it so please join me for some hypothetical tea again! 

If we were to sit down and have a cup of tea I would tell you a few things.
Firstly that I am overwhelmed with gratitude for my friends back home, my family and to you guys. I am still blown away by the number of lovely comments, good luck messages emails and general good wishes sent my way in the last two weeks.

I would tell you that as each comment comes in I can't stop smiling and that I feel so blessed to have people who genuinely care for how I am doing as I start my life as student. I would tell you that I can't say thank you enough and that I feel like I have some crazy support team behind the wings!

As we sat in one my favourite coffee shops in Durham I would tell you about my week. How I have just started lectures and how it is in turn overwhelming and so exciting. I would tell you that one of my lecturers is mad but makes the hour fly by. I would tell you that another is so exceedingly dull that I struggled to keep my eyes open. We would have a laugh over these things, recounting stories of teachers and lecturers you and I had had in the past.

As we started to demolish the first piles of cake I would talk to you about how much I love this city. How I feel at home, how God has provided some amazing friendships and great opportunities.

I would laugh with you about crazy Durham traditions. About our freshers formal where we all had to wear our gowns and weren't allowed to leave without bowing the high table first. I would tell you about the freshers fair and how I got a bit too carried away signing up for everything.

I would sit there happy. Sharing life with you. Thankful that you take the time to read my words and apologising that I am not the best commenter at the moment. Full of gratitude for all your support and so excited to keep sharing.

What would you tell me about?


Amy said...

I would say 'good for you Abi', enjoy every minute! Uni is a great time of life - soak up its goodness and revel in everything you have signed up for, there is so much to learn!

scrappyjacky said...

I would probably say the same as Amy.....learn and enjoy in equal measures.

helena said...

I'd be tempted to talk of my uni days 30 years ago and think about what is different (use of technology) and what is the same (exciting and boring lectures; the fabulousness of clubs and freshers and new people. Enjoying your excitement and the reminders of my uni days.

humel said...

I'd have a good old whinge about my poor foot!! So be thankful you can't hear it in person ;)

Signing up for everything is a very common thing to do when you first get to uni. You'll soon settle to the things you really WANT to do.

And you've reminded me of a very happy and hilarious trip I took to Durham with a friend of mine - we went to a tea shop and ordered a pot of tea each, but one pot was about 6 cups of tea!! Wish I could remember what the place was called, wonder if it's still there? :)

Keep having a wonderful time! xx

Maria Ontiveros said...

I think I would mainly listen and enjoy your happiness. Maybe like Helena share a memory or two of wandering around Berkeley, California in my college days.

Jo.C said...

So happy you have settled in so well. Probably could add a few weird north eastern traditions myself and probably comment upon the differences in accents and words used. That must be an eye opener. Enjoy x

boysmum2 said...

I would listen with eager intent as I never got to go to university like you, nursing was done in a hospital, so no student life for me. I would be smiling loads with the enthusiasm that is pouring out of you as you talk. Glkad it is all going well, enjoy, it will pass so fast

Lizzie said...

I might tell you of the wonderful weekend I spent, with a good friend, who was at Uni in Bristol. She stayed in a biiig tall house in Clifton, with some other lovely young women. I had such a lovely time, sitting in their kitchen, chatting (so intellectual!) and eating toast & hummous (hadn't had that before!), wandering round Bristol and seeing it with new eyes, exploring galleries, arts centre etc, eating Indian food (and trying banana fritters - ugh!), laughing and chatting.... I got to experience what it might have been like to go to Uni myself (I had a year of art school, at my local college, then went straight to work).
And I'm sure I would enjoy listening to your tales of fun and new experiences - just reading about it has made me smile!
So pleased that you are settling in quickly, making friends, joining clubs etc, starting your learning experience, feeling blessed and happy!
God Bless you Abi - I hope Uni and Durham continue to bring you happiness!

JO SOWERBY said...

I would tell you how I've gone back to work, that my fave coffee shop closed down but I have made new friendship from it, how an idea has grown into a Quilting Bee of international proportions,
Jo xxx

Sinead said...

Just catching up on some blog posts, and I love this! You have a lovely style of writing - I actually feel like I'm there enjoying a virtual cuppa with you :D Over the tea, I would probably rant (and maybe even cry) about a very tough week of work I've had as a substitute teacher. Then I would smile at your happiness and share my university stories, and wish you continued happiness and adventure in Durham. Looking forward to hearing more uni tales soon xx