10 October 2012

Ten on the tenth


Today I am joining in with Shimelles Ten things. And you probably guessed it....here are ten things I have learnt as a new student....

1. Maps are good. It is no shame to look at a map, especially if you (ahem) have no sense of direction.

2. Many roads look alike but surprisingly they will not take you to the same place. I have been pretty lost on more than one occasion! See point one.

3. You can never have too much tea. Or biscuits for that matter.

4. Do not enter Tesco's through the door right next to the pastry and cakes aisle. The temptation is far too great!

5. Durham has a silly number of traditions, most of which I don't understand. I have learnt to just go with it. Banging pots and pans together at six in the morning to wake the other colleges up anyone?

6. Face time is good. Except my mother doesn't quite understand how it works. The novelty factor has not worn off after a week of using it. Bless her!

7. I love getting mail. I love getting mail from special blog friends. Thank you Mel!

8. The university library is intimidating. The intellect in that place is almost tangible. It is also nigh on impossible to find the book you are looking for without scaling the shelves. I lost both my friends and myself. Scary I tell you.

9. I am so very bored of saying "Hi, my name is Abi". I am thinking of changing it to Eric just to liven things up a little.

10. Uni life is exciting, nerve racking, funny and such a wonderful experience.

Thanks for stopping by!


humel said...

Yay! So pleased you found time to join in ,and to give us a snippet of your uni life :) And what a thrill to see one of my little cards on your blog!! lol about the maps - I usually have a very good sense of direction but when we lived in Cambridge I used to get lost all the time... Do you have a map for the library, too?!

scrappyjacky said...

I went to uni in London......so you can imagine how lost I got!!
And I couldn't agree more about Tesco....or any other supermarket come to that!
A lovely post,Abi.

debs14 said...

Great blog post, Eric ;-) Pleased to hear you are settling in nicely, you'll soon know your way around and if not, asking for directions is a great way of meeting new friends!

Sian said...

Stopping by is a pleasure!

You've really got me thinking about this time next year when TTO leaves us..

JO SOWERBY said...

a fabulous ten Abi, oh sorry ''Eric''! Love the terror of entering Tesco next to the yummys counter, ours is the magazine counter i'm afraid. Lovely to see Mel's pressie again in it's new home. I can't imagine not being able to find my way around, I'm not bad but I love maps for walking tours,
Jo xxx

Lou said...

a nice little insight into your life right now x

Kirsty.A said...

A great 10. Good to hear how you are getting on

Karen said...

Great post! I totally agree on using maps, and I will never tire of Face Time with my kids---nor will your mother!

Beverly said...

A wonderful idea for your ten (STS slipped passed me and in 10 minutes the 10th will be gone, maybe the post I just published had 10 pics!!!)

Maria Ontiveros said...

A great list!
Email me your new address, and I"ll drop something in the mail for you too!
rinda1961 at yahoo dot com

Mel said...

I used to want a sign round my neck saying - "My name's Mel, from Hertfordshire, studying American studies" as it was always the standard that you were asked!