29 November 2012

Around here -November edition

Oh November. I love you and hate you in turn. The beautiful Autumn colours have given way to bear trees and soggy leaves. On the plus side, the weather has that lovely cold bite in it and we are nearly at christmas my friends! 

November was another super busy month when it hit me that I was at uni to get a degree and not just socialise. Bit of a shock that!  Looking back on these pictures a lot seems to have been crammed into this month but I like a lot. A lot is good and before I know it I will be home for the holidays! 

From top: Bonfire night! Stunning fireworks and I played around with my camera for most of the evening. I have got into knitting again as the cold weather has seeped in. We had our ball the second week of November, it was Narnia themed so everywhere was covered in glitter- magical! Work. A picture I shot from the hip (literally) when on a walk in Scotland. I like how it turned out to be honest. Playing around with some self portraits, aka procrastination. 

What has your month looked like? 

For clarification, around here photos are images I collect together towards the end of the month. The stray images, the orphaned ones. Those left on the end of a memory card or taken for a blog post yet not quite made it on. They sum up my month better than any words can! 

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Lynn said...

Can't beleive how time flies - you are almost at the end of your first term!