7 November 2012

Stamp and Scribble Giveaway

Over the last few months I have been seriously considering selling handmade. I enjoy creating and I enjoy seeing the happiness a few handmade items can bring.

I have toyed with several ideas of what to sell. For a long time the main thing stopping me was time. The things I created took a while to make.

Back in September I started playing around with a few ideas. I love stamping and I love sentiments. I combined the two and came up with this:

Simple, hand stamped notecards with inked details and sentiments.

They are all pretty minimalist but hopefully they can be used for a variety of purposes. They are 5 x 4" and are blank inside for your own message.

What I would love to know from you guys is...

What do you think? 

I would really appreciate honest answers. If you think they wouldn't sell etc I would love to hear it because this is just an idea at the moment.

To say thank you for your opinion I am giving away two sets of 5 notecards.

To be in with a chance of winning just post a comment giving your opinion and which set of cards you would like if you won. Set one above or set two below. (Click on the photo if you want to see a bit more detail.)

The giveaway will close on Sunday 7.00pm GMT so hurry! 

Thank you.

Any other ideas on how a poor student can raise some more cash would  be greatly appreciated too!


Unknown said...

These are great! I love the minimalist feel - i always gravitate towards that kind of design. I love them both, but I would chose set 1 if I won! I love the "for you" card with all of the "for"s. So cute!

Thanks for the giveaway! :)


scrappyjacky said...

I love Set 1......but I'm afraid I can't really give you any advice on selling.I love handmade items like this....and would happily buy them....but I find that most people don't seem prepared to pay a fair price for handmade items. Hopefully you will find differently....and very good luck to you.

humel said...

Abi, these are gorgeous!! I totally love them - I like Set 2 more, but they're both gorgeous and I swithered between the two sets for a while! :)

As for advice, I think the difficult thing with most handmade goods is that people don't realise how much time they take to create and so can feel that prices are too high when actually they do fairly reflect the time taken. It's definitely an advantage therefore to find a quick and simple, but stunningly beautiful, product! I would definitely buy something like this :)

Knitting is also a possibility - as you know, I would totally pay for your knitting!! But it would depend if you could spare the time, and then find a price that was fair. You could be a one-woman cowl industry!! ;)

Wishing you all the best with it xx

Sian said...

I think they are beautiful!

I can only echo what the others have said. It's hard to make a profit, but it can be extremely satisfying when someone hands over a couple of pounds for something you have made. Instead of paying for a stall somewhere or starting on Etsy, you could start by putting word out round college, you might get a few knocks on your door from prospective buyers

Abi said...

I like that idea Sian! I was thinking possibly using facebook as well? xxx

JO SOWERBY said...

I think they are beautiful. I love the colourwash feel to them. Make sure you have a stamped handmade and signed on the back of ur notecards to prevent someone stealing ur work. I would say that use social media is a gr8 idea, starting small is hard but if u sell ur ideas to specific people it could be good. Use ur student union, any upcoming events at uni or local, use friends and fanmily to spread the word and see where u go form there. Agree with word of mouth big time. Also knitting good idea.
Jo xxxx

Missus Wookie said...

I was going to suggest something similar to Sian, one of the people who came to the crop I used to run started making cards for people in her office. But now has custom made card orders - she views it as a hobby so doesn't make a big profit but as she knows she'll be making she can buy in bulk.

Social media, putting bits up at uni and also running classes/workshops where people can make cards but pay you for use of non consumable plus the consumables can gain interest. Amazingly there are people who'd rather pay you to make a card than make one themselves...

I like set 2 better and think if you made up a bunch of samples (as you've done up there) and gave me people examples - monogrammed b'day cards, personalized cards. Then spun a bit 'unique hand made gifts' angle that might work well.

Good luck!

Sinead said...

Aaahh I missed the giveaway...grr! But I love both sets, and I really hope it works and can help you make a few pennies - being at university is EXPENSIVE! Good luck, and well done :) x