9 November 2012

For the love of Tea

That great ice breaker, the comforter, the conversation filler, the break in the awkward silence. 
When things go wrong we British solve it by offering a cup of tea. 
There is something so soothing about clicking the kettle on and pouring out of a nice china teapot. 

I am a compulsive tea drinker. In my book there is never a wrong time to have tea. I owe tea a lot. Over my first five weeks at uni I have had some great conversations over a cup of tea and a biscuit. 

There is nothing better than sitting with a group of friends on the floor of an overcrowded bedroom getting to know each other over a pot of tea. In the first few weeks asking all the standard questions but now comfortably leaning up on each other, laughing over the lack of milk and playing disney songs into the small hours. 

There is something familiar about cradling a warm mug in your hands. Yes, I owe a lot to tea because without it I wouldn't have found the group of friends I now have. On that first day all of us craving something we knew. We bonded over a love of tea and Downton Abbey (which I am certain go hand in hand).

Isn't it funny how a simple drink can bring people together? 

What are your tea stories?

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humel said...

Oh, yes - hooray for tea! I think I already mentioned to you my trip to Durham with a friend, and how we visited a tea shop and ordered a pot each without realising that each pot held about 6 cups?! Wish I could remember what that shop was called - wonder if it's still there? I seem to recall that we had to go upstairs to find a table, and we sat by a window, overlooking the street. I also have a vague memory of wooden floors and traditional decor. That probably doesn't narrow it down much, though....!

Sinead said...

Yep, tea is pretty much an institution! It's the same here in Ireland, putting on the kettle and making a cuppa is the answer to any problem :D
P.S. Also, I LOVE Downton Abbey too and am so disappointed season three is over now :( Withdrawal symptoms!

Maria Ontiveros said...

I agree completely! And what's funny is that I only tend to drink tea when I am traveling in Europe. Rarely drink it at home.