23 November 2012

Creative failures

There are times when I just can't get a project to work. In my head I have conceptualised it really well but in reality it just doesn't come together.

This scarf was such a project. I knew I wanted blue and white. I knew I wanted it chunky, I knew I wanted an infinity/cowl scarf. But how?

I started off with alternating rows of colours. Didn't like it. I undid the three rows. I then set out doing alternating stitches, one stitch blue, one stitch white. Again I wasn't loving it and with knitting I think that loving it is a real motivator. So again I sat and unwound several rows of knitting.

I went back to something I knew that worked. Casting on as many stitches as I possibly could and then knitting two rows blue, two rows white for about 20 rows.

Finally I had something I was happy with. And you know what, I have had more compliments on my scarf around campus than anything else.

Those creative failures. It's swings and roundabouts friends!

My challenge for you today, try and rework something you regard as a creative failure. I'd love to hear your results!


Maria Ontiveros said...

What a great challenge. I do this often with backgrounds in my art journals.

Lorraine said...

Great photo. I knitted an infinity scarf and it was way to large so I took it apart and shortened it. It's still too big but douples up as a shawl type wrap. It gets lots of compliments. i once had a friend who said, "As a seamstress you are only as good as you are at correcting!"