22 November 2012

Life right now- according to Instagram

This is life right now according to instagram...

Top row left to right: trying out a few self portraits with instagram. The Cath Kidston tour van came to Durham and I was lucky enough to get a free bag! Krispy Creme opened so we treated ourselves to doughnuts after lectures.

Middle row: The christmas decorations started to appear. We had a day trip for some shopping in Newcastle. I have typically drunk a lot of tea.

Bottom Row: It was beautiful celebrating remembrance day at the Cathedral. Welcoming in November. I feel like I have spent a bit of time this month at the train station, saying hello to the little brother who came and visited and going off to see the boy.

Top row: Having lots of coffee dates with friends. Loving those beautiful Autumn skies in this wonderful place. Isn't this sign cute in the coffee shop?

Middle row: Leaves over the river. I have started to try and take photos of things I am thankful for this month such as these toiletries for just £3.50. Voting for our local PCC.

Bottom row: Spending a weekend with this boy and enjoying tea together in John Lewis after an afternoon shopping. Walking with him in the Autumn leaves. I am so proud to be a part of this uni.

As I always say, I am in love with instagram. When I have little time it is so easy to pick up the phone and grab a quick snapshot of something I would have missed. I am really enjoying taking photos for the  thirty days of thanksgiving too! Another busy month but such a good one.

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scrappyjacky said...

It looks like you're having a wonderful time,Abi.

alexa said...

Super photos, Abi, and lovely to be allowed a glimpse into your life. You will be so glad in later years that you are documenting all of this. (And that's a very sweet-looking boy too!).

Karen said...

Such a perfect way to capture your every day!