18 December 2012

Life Right Now- according to instagram

This is life right now according to instagram...
Top row left to right: Beautiful Christmas lights in Durham. Celebrating the end of November with a "movember" formal dinner. Coffee- always lots of coffee!

Middle row: I have been so blessed with great friends this term. We spent a night in eating chocolate. watching winter close in.

Bottom row: Our CU carol service was packed. We finally had a sprinkling of snow and it was so beautiful.

Top Row: Snow across the rugby pitches. In town enjoying the flakes!

Middle row: Due to heating problems all our lectures were relocated to amazing buildings like this! I did a bit of craft with felt. Meeting up with old school friends.

Bottom row: The end of term approached before we knew it. Waiting for our taxi to the station. I go to uni in a wonderful place.

I haven't been instagramming as much this month but still love the app. I am sharing more on facebook so apologies to those who have seen this pictures a few times already!

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Maria Ontiveros said...

I can't wait until my kids are on the other side of their finals.

Sian said...

Your photos are, as always, so full of life!

I've been reading about the new terms and conditions for Instagram - maybe there's a post in there?

humel said...

And it's looking good, Abi :)

I've been reading about those terms and conditions, as Sian has, and I thought of you. Will it affect your use of it? x

alexa said...

Your photos tell so many stories - and here's another wondering if the new Instagram/Facebook rules will change things for you ...

Karen said...

I always love these posts, and they document your life so nicely. I realized the other day, that I hadn't posted on Instagram in a long time, after doing it regularly in October. I've been using the "big" camera this month.

Lorraine said...

Nice pics. I like to see pics displayed like this as it tells a story. I especially like the action shot of your friend. Great. Merry Christmas

Julia said...

Just found your blog via Maria - I love this Instagram idea for a post as I use it a lot myself, often to take things I wouldn't shoot with my camera. I may do a sneaky pinch of this and post every so often if that's OK? Looks like you had a great month btw!