14 February 2013

He's a keeper

This boy...

Can make me laugh till I am crying.
Picks up on funny mannerisms or characteristics in an instant.
Hates facebook.
Loves his bike.

This boy

Is generous.
cooks meticulously.
Has a great taste in shoes
Listens hard.

This boy

Is an affirmer
Has a seemingly endless bank of 'useless' general knowledge
Works hard
Lives for God.

For these and a whole host of other reasons. This boy's a keeper.

Valentines Day 2013


Ruth said...

How lovely! Enjoy every single moment.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Very sweet post, Abi. I'm sure that boy would have some very nice things to say about his girl too. Happy Valentine's Day!

Beverly said...

Definitely sounds like one to me, Abi :) Happy Valentine's day!

Sian said...

Happy Valentines Day to the pair of you!

Sinead said...

Aw Abi, this is so lovely! He's a lucky guy and you're a lucky girl :D Hope you had a wonderful day xx

Karen said...

What a great Valentine tribute!

alexa said...

Very beautifully written and heart-felt ... You look lovely together.

Maria Ontiveros said...

I can feel the love in this post!
So wonderful.