1 February 2013

Tips for photographing reluctant boys/men

The boys in my life do not like posing.
I might even go a step further to say that they don't like photos being taken.
My brothers and the boy will let out audible sighs when they see the camera.

But a girls got to do, what a girls got to do yes? So, here are my five simple, tried and tested tips for photographing men. Disclaimer: I cannot offer a guarantee of success. 

1. Do the leg work before hand. Make it easy for yourself. In my experience boys want to stand still and pose for close to five minutes. Moving them about because "the lighting isn't right" is not going to win you any points. Find a spot where you know the lighting is good and put on your best persuasive tone.

In this picture I took my brother out to a field in the late afternoon. I knew the light would be good and we did the photos quickly.

2. Place your camera up to your eye and just keep taking photos. I find the best way is to get your subject in the right place, look through the camera and ask them questions. Yep, you are going to get a load of duff shots and a lot of silliness but there may just be a gem in there. Also, bonus, the pictures look more natural. Second bonus, they won't realise how many you are taking!

3. If possible- especially with teenage boys- get an assistant. I find it far easier taking pictures of my brothers if the other one is there because they tend to make each other laugh which means nice natural shots.

4. Bribery. There I said it. It can be as little as the promise of the shots as new facebook profile pictures or a hug and a kiss. On a more serious note, stick to what you promise. I am being very general here but most guys don't love having their photo taken. Especially not when it becomes a shoot on its own. Therefore ask for five minutes of their time and stick to it. That way they are more likely to agree the next time.

5. Take the opportunity. I have found the less of a "photo shoot" it is, the more a man likes having his picture taken. Here the boy was standing in front of his window which had a lovely soft net curtain. I just asked him to look up and got this. Love.

As a side point, don't be averse to editing out of camera. This comes back to point number one. It is better to keep your man happy and do a quick shoot with dodgy lighting than take all day trying to get the perfect shot in camera.  

Enjoy shooting the boys. (great phrase that!)


scrappyjacky said...

Some great tips here,Abi....though my daughters are no more keen to be photographed then your 'boys'!!

K said...

Your family is soooooo sweet! If I offered mine a kiss & a hug it would be taken as a threat!!
If I was in a photoshoot its more likely to take Hours upon hours upon hours coz you've got to get one that I look fab in, & yes that would take a long time for me to agree that I dont look too bad, lol

Karen said...

I find putting my camera on continuous shoot almost always results in a few great shots! My kids have finally given up being resistant to the photo op but that may be because they live so far away they aren't often faced with the prospect.

alexa said...

Lovely post with great ideas for all ages - and that photo has a great quality of light. He will still be glad in fifty years that you took it!

Sian said...

lol! I'll be remembering this when the big night for the Dinner Jacket arrives :)

humel said...

A very useful post, thanks, Abi - now my The Boy has turned 13 he's becoming more and more camera averse!

Beverly said...

My boys just take it as making mama happy...lol it's the little things ;) Great tips and great shots!