7 February 2013


No question this month. What a great film. So very emotional, such great music, go see. "One day More" is probably my favourite song but it was a difficult choice!

This is an old favourite but when I have a bit of work on it is nice to read something easy and friendly. This a a compendium of Gerald Durrell's three books on his time in Corfu as a boy. They are very funny and very easy to dip in and out of.

I am pleased with this photo. I am planning some adventures into embroidery and literally planning my next essay. I know, don't say I don't treat you. Pictures with multi meanings, over here!

Again, I am no fashion blogger. How do they get those pictures, seriously? I mean this was either my face or my jumper. You can't have both friends! At the moment I am still wearing those big jumpers ( I think I will be till May) but am now teaming them with a collared shirt.

So I have joyfully said goodbye to January and welcomed in the shortest month.
Hey February, what's in store?


Karen said...

We'll be bundled up here until April or May as well. Your photos are always lovely!

Eve said...

YES to 'One Day more'! Definitely a tough call but I just *loooove* that bit where all the different songs overlap... pure magic!
I really want to get into embroidery too. I found the most inspiring blog the other day. Have you seen it...? http://365luckydays.blogspot.co.uk
Just incredible!! <3 xx

Ruth said...

I'm with you on Les Mis. One Day More is also my favourite, although I'm also quite partial to Stars.

alexa said...

A lovely read, as was the Gerald Durrell - I remember " My family and other animals " with great pleasure. Just what you need as a contrast to essay planning and writing :).