19 February 2013

Project Life week 7

Project life is posted later each week at the moment! Unintentional I promise! 

This week I had less photo so there is more journaling. I have found it really helpful to take a blog post each week and incorporate it into my spread. I think it will be nice to look back on those key posts in the years ahead. 

I made a few new elements again this week. I found a lovely watercolour brush set which I have been having fun playing with and a great new script font which is lovely for titles. I also used quite a few instagram photos on this page. 

Last week I used a quote for the first time on my page and really liked the effect so I decided to add another one. They are from a free download from Elise Blaha. 

Again I made two new graphics. I really like taking colours from the seafoam and olive kits I am using and making my graphics with those colours. In a sense expanding the kit and keeping the album unified! 

It is getting really exciting now to see all the pages coming together. What a lovely book this will be!


Lorraine said...

Thank you for the link Abi. Nice paint brush.

alexa said...

Indeed it will be (and is already) so, Abi. Lovely to be able to put your own stamp of creativity on it too.

Sian said...

The more journaling-less photo look makes a neat looking change of pace. I like it!

Sinead said...

Gorgeous as always - you're right, it's going to make such an amazing book!
P.S. SO SO sorry I haven't replied to your lovely Facebook mail...since I came back to school Sunday evening, I've had no internet in my flat :( The only internet I have is in the school (where I am now!) and of course, Facebook is blocked by our filtering system. Grr! But I promise I will reply when I get home to proper internet access at the weekend.
Hope you're have a lovely week and not working too hard on all those essays :D
Talk soon xx

Karen said...

It is going to be a lovely book, and such a wonderful reminder of your days.