4 February 2013

Project Life week 5

So week five came around quickly!

I find there are some weeks on this project when I will have a lot of photos and some weeks when I am scrabbling through the instagram files thinking, "I have no photos whatsoever!"

Thankfully this week was the former and the SLR even made an appearance! Unfortunately this coincided with a week when we frequented most of the coffee shops in Durham, hence why I have eight different photos of mugs and teapots. Variation is the spice of life my friends!

Because I had sets of fairly similar photos from the week I decided to make the pages like a double layout, with the tea shots taking up all of the 3x4 spaces.

I did nothing hugely special with this first page. We had such beautiful weather this week I wanted to record that. I used a photo that was totally out of focus as a background for text. This is a favourite technique of mine- don't bin those blurry photos!

I also used a quote which I felt summed up the weeks tea drinking!

Again on the second page I used another of my own ombre graphics. I am finding I like to keep the accents on my pages pretty clean and graphic. I had too many photos I wanted to include on this page so made a quick photo grid for the bottom right slot.

Another useful technique I have found is using parts of a journalling card on a photo to add a sentiment or journalling. I did this on the bottom left photo of each page.

Fairly simple layouts here with not too much journaling. I am not overly concerned about the ratio of words to photos. I figure some weeks there will be a lot to say and some weeks not.

Real life. That's the main thing.


scrappyjacky said...

A real tea drinking week,Abi!! Love the photo through the window.

Karen said...

Love the tea cups, and am thinking how much I would love to have captured even one week of my campus life with a camera. I don't think I took more that a few photos in four years! I have many more of the campus in the last few years since Matt went to the same college for two years, and we frequently go back to Ithaca to spend a day,

Maria Ontiveros said...

I also love the assortment of tea cups.