12 April 2014

Project Life weeks 12 & 13

Catching up with posting layouts, a few familiar photos from these parts!

Things I am loving this week: 
I bought a new kit from paislee press. It's the 'about us' line that I talked about briefly on the paperclipping roundtable. I have discovered that I work far better with a kit than with dedicated PL cards. Second time around I know my style, I know what works and I like fiddling with a kit to make what I want.

This kit is pure joy. Lovely colours, pretty papers and fab handwritten fonts. I use three other paislee press kits in project life and they all compliment each other. I think this may be something I look into, buying a new kit every three months or so. It keeps the project fresh for me and compared to updating paper supplies, isn't hugely expensive.

Techniques I have tried: 
I have been playing around with a few more collages the last two weeks. On a week like week twelve when I had plenty of photos, it was nice to find a way to include lots of them.

I have also been fiddling with a few more pieces of patterned paper. I am trying to use them as pattern on their own rather than just as a background to text.

Photos I have documented: 
Week twelve has a selection of photos I blogged about, the details around our little student home. I knew it was important that they were included. This is one of the many things I love about project life. That these everyday detail shots are right up next to one off events like visiting Beamish museum.

Week thirteen was short on photos but big on emotions. I was home alone for the week to do some more work and I wanted to record what that was like and also the novelty of flying south. Again, it is a joy to record the peaks and troughs of everyday life.

Thoughts on this project: 
I'm still enjoying it, i'm so pleased that I have given myself some creative freedom such as only making one page per week if needs be and, as always, I am loving recording the memories.


Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

It's crazy, isn't it, that flying is the cheapest option! My friend's son is returning home to Scotland from Devon and it's the same for him. Always interesting to see your processes for creating these pages. I've been making some PL cards out of bits and pieces over the last few weeks. Just need to print some photos now!

Anonymous said...

They look really nice Abi. And so cheerful too. I love what you did with the photos on that last one where you have the word about. Strange how it was cheaper to fly home.

Karen said...

I always enjoy examining your PL pages, Abi! So many wonderful details. I love the way you mix B&W and color photos as well as the journaling you do.

Sinead said...

Gorgeous Abi! I too love the mix of colour and black and white photos. You've recorded so many little details and I really like that 'About Us' line, it works so well with your style. X

Julia said...

Love seeing your pl pages and the creative photography you produce. Having listened to PRT I now find myself reading your blog whole hearing your voice lol!