30 December 2009


I thought I would share some of my favourite piano music today. I have most of it on my I-pod and it is so so lovely to just sit and listen to when I'm feeling stressed or want to just chill out. I also have the sheet music for most of it so if anyone plays the piano and wants the music just leave a comment and I will try and send it to you (it's not too hard probs about grade 6ish) Sorry, I couldn't figure out how to add the video to you tube so here are the links!:
River flows in you by Yiruma-This was supposed to be in Twilight, if your interested, as Bella's lullaby. It should have been, it's so lovely!
Le Onde by Ludovico Einaudi (just search any of his music cos it's all heavenly!)
Speaking of music, I thought I would just show two photos from this christmas. Whilst I got a knit your own monkey in my cracker, my brother got...a Ukelele! ha ha! He is actually getting quite good but has a problem with the chord A7, (don't ask!) This was the face he pulled when trying to play it...
And this was the face he pulled when he had got it right! Priceless! Yeah he is a bit of a joker! Lol!
Thanks for reading! Hope everyone has a really lovely new year! ( I will probs blog cos we don't really do a lot for it but to everyone who does celebrate, have a lovely lovely time!)


Lizzie said...

Love that ukelele! Did you know they're teaching primary school kids to play these now, as they're easier than recorders? There was a fab video on U-Tube of the National Ukelele Orchestra... wonder if I could find it?
I like Einaudi's music too. Have you heard any of it arranged for guitar (my instrument more than piano), it translates really well.
Havent heard the other two pieces - I'll make time and have a listen.

Amy said...

Happy New Year Abi - I'm looking forward to many more wonderful posts from you next year - actually, it's already next year for me!