4 July 2011

Fill us up and send us out.


My first post as a school leaver! My school did a fantastic leavers weekend. Prize giving, leavers lunch, a ball and a chapel service. It was a lovely way to go out. Very emotional and daunting but also exciting!

So, i thought I would share a few photos of the ball because who doesn't love a beautiful dress?!

 The boy and I. The best occasion to get lovely pictures when we are both dressed up.

Beautiful hair, sunshine and pimms.

A last chance to chill with great friends.

The boy cracks me up.

Cream was a popular choice! We look like four bridesmaids!

The girl leavers.

My boys. The Boy and the middle brother.

The theme was Parisian so there were purple and red balloons everywhere and this sweet bike outside the marquee.

The family. It is a shame that the littlest couldn't be there but as he isn't in the sixth form he cannot come to the ball.

My favourite picture of the night. Taken by my school nurse who is an incred. photographer.

These literally only give a snapshot of the night. It was such fun to spend a last evening with what I hope will be life long friends. The ball ended at midnight and my year then went round the bonfire till the early hours of the morning when we watched the sun rise. An incredible evening and a lovely way to end.

Thanks for stopping by

Loves xxx

P.S The title is in reference to a Tim Hughes song called God of justice. The lyric "fill us up and send us out" I think sums up how I feel about leaving school.


scrappyjacky said...

An incredible end to your school years,Abi.

JO SOWERBY said...

i remember my leavers day. we all got egged and floured on the playing fields............nice. but at xmas we came back for a church service, certificates and a school disco. i was dead grown-up cos i was a student nurse and everyone else was a student at university and thought i was rad :)
jo xxx

ps already said i loved ur photos on FB but u still look gorgeous x

Lizzie said...

What a lovely way to celebrate the end of your School Days and the beginning of Everything Else! The ball, then a bonfire and watching the sun rise... gorgeous!
I do like those photos, but the final one is wonderful - worthy of an enlargement in a frame, I think! Something to take with you to Uni?
Have a great summer break, now that school is over. I hope you will "report back" to us sometimes, so we can hear how much fun you're having and how you are getting ready for Uni too.
God Bless!

Sian said...

Aw, how lovely! These photos are going to be with you for ever. What a great thought

Beverly said...

The photos are gorgeous and the entie celebrationsounds wonderful. I love that ya'll watched the sunrise together as you were preparinbg to leave and have a new beginning.