7 August 2011

The story of the Cat Flaps


Today I am joining in with Sian's Story Telling Sunday.

There are two parts to this story

The first takes place around fifteen years ago when the middle brother was around two years old. I hasten to add that he was a two year old with a keen sense of adventure, not scared of much and rather full of himself as only a two year old can be.

We were staying at my Grandmas house and she had, much to our delight, a cat. For a two year old this was immensely exciting for with a cat came a cat flap. The middle brother never having seen one of these before promptly saw how it worked and experimented.

You can see where this is going. The adults in the lounge heard a “help” from the backdoor where they found the two year old with one arm and head through the cat flap while the rest of his body was still inside. He looked like a slightly perverse superman. My parents went on the assumption that if he got an arm and his head through he should be able to get them back and after much pushing and pulling he was free.

It is with great regret that I don't have photographic evidence of this!

The second part of this story is based loosely on the first because it again involves a cat flap. We have just moved house and one of the jobs we had to do was install a cat flap into the back door. This presented a slight problem at first owing to the fact that the backdoor keys had been left at the locked old house.

When the keys had finally arrived my mother set to ringing around half of the yellow pages in an attempt to find as she put it a “cat flap man”. The slight issue came when she tried to ask for this on the phone. Try saying “I would like a cat flap fitted” quickly! It came out more as “I would like a fat cap flitted.”

Eventually “cat flap man” came having deciphered my mother’s request and the cats natural way of life was resumed and they could once again reach the outdoors.

That was not the end though. With a new cat flap came new friends for our furry creatures. A certain furry friend that insists on sitting outside our bedroom windows after midnight issuing his cries of greeting.

My mother has naturally taken umbrage and now stores a flower sprayer filled with water by the back door in order to try and ward this cat off. Our new neighbours, I have concluded, must now have deemed us positively crazy. For two weeks we reached the back garden by going out the front door and now at about two o clock in the morning on any given night a small lady in pyjamas runs up the road spraying a cat who has decided to exercise its vocal cords.

The cat flap in short is more trouble than it is worth.

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JO SOWERBY said...

this so made me laugh. i can just see ur mum running up the road in her jimjams with the water sprayer.
my friend had a similar issue when she put in a new catflap for boo. it works on the data chip cats have when they get lost and he couldn't figure it out at all. my cats have a simple flap in the window, holly is quite happy with it but willow will only come in but can't get out??

jo xxx

debs14 said...

I can just imagine your mum too! Maybe you should lay in wait with your camera to give us photographic evidence ;-)
Sounds like you are giving your neighbours much to talk about!

Lizzie said...

Oh so funny, Abi! Poor Middle Brother... and your poor mum (mind you, I can spare a bit of sympathy for the neighbouring cat who, having discovered new friends in the area, keeps being chased away by a crazy human with a water spray!).
You can get cat-flaps that only work with a magnetic collar-key, (or even one that only opens for a cat with a micro-chip - the chip's code is programmed into the flap's teeny computer - don't know if it allows for 2 cats). At least that would remove the worry of strange cats coming into the house - only those with the right collar/micro chip could get inside.

Mary B said...

This has made me giggle love the idea of a 'cat flap man' or should that be fat cap flitter

Sian said...

lol! Two fab stories woven together beautifully Abi. I don't think we need the photographic evidence, we can imagine it perfectly because you have described it so well!

Thanks for the story Abi. Or should that be stories? I always love a two for the price of one!

Ginger said...

Oh that one made me laugh! We have two cats but thankfully they are indoor cats as I would wonder if we had such a thing whether the squirrels would use it to come inside... somehow I think they would :)

Becky said...

I remember my son and his little friend trying to go through the cat flap when they were about 2! They didn't manage it though! Great stories, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Priceless! I couldn't stop laughing at the vision of your mother running up the street spraying the cat.

Amy said...

Fantastic Abi ... I can just picture both your brother and your Mum! My sister has a cat flap at her house, and a new baby ... I'd better tell her to watch out!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Around here, raccoons will sometimes enter through a dog or cat flap.

Ifa said...

LOL, funny crazy neighbours.

Melissa said...

What fun stories - we had a "cat flap" too and I remember a stray cat coming on once and Mama having to drive him out with a broom.