5 April 2012

Making Pillowcases


I have been experimenting with pillowcases lately. I think they are such a simple way to jazz up a room.
For ages I have wanted to try a chevron pattern and after finding this tutorial decided to give it a go.

Result..very easy and quick and what a fab result! I am now trying to make a quilt in the same pattern! I can't really decide whether this will be psychadelic or fun?!

Yesterday I went to Bath (beautiful city by the way) and after a certain amount of searching on my mums part found a shop called The Makery.

My oh my, it is just beautiful. On entering I was greeted with a selection of the most beautiful fat quarters. What was a girl to do? If you are in the area stop by because it is like being in a sweety shop for crafters!

I finally picked one fat quarter and on getting it home made another pillow. This time long and thin to sit on my bed to protect my neck when reading.

I had some material left and just had to make it into something. This tutorial was found by chance but how simple is it?

Pretty pretty bunting.

What things have you been making recently?

*Just a quick plug. Today is Operation Speak out. The task is simple. Comment on every blog you visit. Lets fill the web today with words of encouragment. More details here.*

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JO SOWERBY said...

I found The Makery myself a few weeks back. They also have a workshop to make lots of lovely things. I bought some fat quarters and also a make ur own purse kit. I am making baby things at the mo for my friend Nicki. Then I have BIG plans for a quilt............ooh scarey,
Jo xxx

debs14 said...

Lovely sewing projects Abi. And I see from clicking on the link you have given that they have an ONLINE SHOP!!! Oh wow......

Beverly said...

Great projects, would love a whole room pic as I am sure it looks glorious! Have already commented on a blog or two that I always lurk on :)

scrappyjacky said...

I found The Makery when I went to Bath for the Christmas market. Love the cushions....and I also really like how you've tied the bunting.

Sian said...

Oh, I saw an advert for the Makery yesterday and thought how much I would love a visit! Your bunting is beautiful - and so is the pillowcase. bang on trend too.

Hurray for Operation Speak Out! I think you should run it regularly

Anonymous said...

The Makery is one of my favourite shops in Bath!!! It's amazing :-). And I love everything you've made here......you are SO flipping creative Miss Beach and also so productive. Wow. Teach me?!

Maria Ontiveros said...

LOve the bird print. I"m busy commenting away today - such a great idea (since your blog is a good example of one I visit all the time but rarely leave a comment).

Jo.C said...

Great makes and I have been commenting lots today too. I think it was a great idea and can see that lots of people have followed your example. Tell Dad it was a great idea.

furrypig said...

Hiya Abi just wanted to let you know I took your challenge seriously and have left about 60 comments on all the different blogs I have visited this evening! Phew I am tired now and really hate word verification lol!

Eve said...

Yes! The Makery is literally my favourite shop in Bath! I try and ration my visits though, otherwise I'd be broke!! <3