15 May 2012

For the love of instagram

Hi all.

I have an irrational jealousy of i-phone users.
It is irrational because I have an android and pretty much everything I want an iphone for I can already do on my phone.

The exception was instagram.

That was until last week. I stumbled across instagram in the android store quite by chance and did a double take.After squeals of delight and an instant download- it's free what not to love!- I got on with some picture taking.

Let me tell you it lived up to it's high expectations. I love the filters and I love the social networking side to it. I love that it gives me an incentive to capture those every day moments.

As expected I started to tell everybody and anybody about instagram and how exciting it was, that it was on android and wow, I am such a techy but who cares, it's instagram etc etc.

No one. No one was interested.

So because of the lack of enthusiasm on the part of friends colleague and family. You my friends are now treated to my unbridled excitment!

Please tell me someone out there is as excited as I am? Its not just me right?!

 P.S I am in no way affliated with instagram, I am just far too enthusiastic! mwaahh!


Sian said...

Cute photos! I have an account, but haven't done anything with it. yet.

Fay aka Beautifullily said...

Me!! I'm as excited as you!! I wanted to get an iPhone just for instagram, but now I can stay with my cheap and cheerful android! That sayi, I haven't used it much yet! Love your piccies

Heather said...

Its not just you!! I just bought my first smartphone, an android, a couple of weeks before the Instagram app came out and i was totally excited! Really love the pics & seeing what other people take too. I use the Camera 360 to take my photos then Instagram for my faves :)