3 August 2012

Holiday Stories- signs and packets


As you may know from my photo series, little details fascinate me. When I go abroad they are one of the main things that I take pictures of. The little details often capture a place far better.

America I have to say is the King of the signs. There were amusing ones on stalls, big ones on the roadside and ones that told a story.

I photographed the signs because they spoke of the place I was and often put a smile on my face!

Not only did I photograph the signs but I photographed the packets. There are plenty of foods that we don't get in England and I wanted to record them...

This sign was on a shop front in a town called Smithfield. I love the term "exquisite junk"! Not only that but Laura and Lucy are the names of two close friends!

Quite an evocative sign. This was entering Colonial Williamsburg where we literally felt like we had stepped back in time. 

If you look closely you will see that the petrol price was 3.29 and nine tenths! Nine tenths?! Our petrol is definitely not priced like that!

On our first day of Holiday we visited a Southern peanut festival, a bit like our country markets. There were lots of sweet stalls and many sold these wooden plaques. This one had us all in stitches. So much so that my mum bought one to put up in the house!

These were also being sold at the same festival. Can we have a moment for the pink one? I laughed so hard! Amazing!

More from the festival.

Such an amusing sign and the ribs sign in the background deserves a chuckle! 

Shopping in America was such an experience. There is just so much! A whole aisle devoted to peanut butter! We were told by a local to visit Target down the road for our essentials. I was imagining a tesco express sized shop! It was huge! Target sold everything from cereal to plastic boxes to toasters and clothes! The Apple jacks above are just one of the colourful cereals available. 

These were my brothers favourite cereal. Yes they are has colourful as the packet shows. Shall we take a closer look? 

And I couldn't do a post on the signs of America without showcasing the flag. 

I loved capturing these details and they all serve to enhance the memory I have of this amazing country. 

Thanks for stopping by.


debs14 said...

You've captured some great pictures Abi. I love the term 'exquisite junk'!
Just for a pure coincidence comment - when I went into our local Tesco yesterday I saw they were selling Fruit Loops! My kids loved them when we went to the US in 1997 and I've never seen them over here before. Needless to say, I'll be stocking up on them!

Sian said...

Fruit loops made everyone here - how shall I put this? a little buzzy!

I like the idea of exquisite junk - I'll be calling all of my stuff that from now on

Beverly said...

I love seeing our everyday through visitor's eyes. The chunky dipping and big girl panties ahve been on things for a good number of years, refreshing that it was new to someone :) We do have an amazing assortment of cereals...even healthy ones take up half of a long aisle.