23 August 2012

Welcome to my workspace


I thought it would be fun today to share a little of my workspace. Having just moved house, I have finally got my desk in a state to photograph it and give you tour. Do please step in to my room...

My workspace isn't huge but I am not a big person so it works for me!

My desk itself is a simple kitchen table from John Lewis. It is pretty big which means that my sewing machine can take a permeant residence. I used to move it off and on but it was a lot of hassle so now when not in use it just slides to the back of the table.

My desk is also my main hub for blogging. I set my laptop up and plan my posts on the board behind the desk. Tutorial here.

Behind the desk is also a painting a very talented friend of mine did for me. It was for her A level art and she asked me to pose and then created this. Kindly she gave it to me when we left school. I love having something artistic but also personal in the space that I create.

My cutting mat is another permanent feature and next to it are my most used items; post-its, scissors and pens.

I keep little embellishments, buttons and small paint tubes in jars. I think they look prettier than boxes!

I also store my knitting needles in a jar. I first paired them up with coloured hair bands which makes finding the right size easy!

All my other pens and stationary are stored in this little green bucket that I picked up from hobby craft.

The rest of my embellishments and stamps are stored in this pretty box and basket that sit to the right and left of the desk. They are easy to reach and hold quite a lot of stuff!

At the back of the desk is hidden away my CD player. Harry potter may be by guilty secret!

Near my desk is an old tuck box filled with larger fabric scraps. I love to have my fabric on display as it is a source of inspiration. The lid of the box also displays some fun postcards and stores my cutting shears, pins and tape measure.

One the wall by my desk are two framed Layouts. I found these 12x12 frames in Urban outfitters and they work really well for LO's.

Underneath my desk are plastic storage boxes filled with card stock and patterned paper. (not very pretty but highly practical).

So there we have it! My workspace isn't huge but it functions pretty well as long as everything is in the right place! (which is rare!)

What is your workspace like?


Sian said...

I like the different coloured bands round the knitting needles - nice idea

I sawthose lovely frames in Urban Outfitters and actually bought one as a gift for someone with an LP collection - it was only after I'd given it away that I realised I could have used it and bought him something else!

Maria Ontiveros said...

I think my favorite things are the two framed layouts.

Clair said...

Harry Potter is nothing to be ashamed of! Love having a little peek at people's work spaces - currently reworking mine, so it's a mess!