19 August 2012


I don't do spontaneous.
I am a planner, an organiser.

But once in a while spontaneity throws me a line and I take it.
This sunny day last week was one such occasion.

We decided to go exploring a neighbouring field. Out of the blue we got up and went.

You know what?
The field was boggy, there was too much wheat growing to walk far and there were lots of bugs.
BUT, I laughed the hardest I had in ages. Even when my shoes squelched with muddy water, even when flies buzzed around my shins, even when I missed my footing and landed in the bog.

I laughed with the joy of just doing something because I could, of just taking off and spending quality time with this man with a camera around my neck. In that spontaneous moment we talked deeper and longer than we had in a long time.

And you know the best bit? Spontaneity creates some amazing photos!

Remind me of this, next time I am sitting down to plan my day!


Maria Ontiveros said...

Good for you! It's taken me a long time to learn this lesson.

Jennifer Grace said...

Ha, sounds like fun! I'm not as spontaneous as I used to be- it's more difficult now I have to take nappies and kiddies drinks and snacks! X

Beverly said...

Funny, I think of myself as spontaneous but I probably am not in reality. Love the photo of The Boy!