14 August 2012

Life Right Now- according to instagram

Hi friends!

Due to circumstances out of my control, our home internet decided to go AWOL! Therefore all the blog posts I had been sitting planning had to stay just that-planned!

Anyhow, the internet has returned, much to our rejoicing and here is life right now- according to instagram...

Top Row left to right- Coming back from the sunny states. Getting used to my beautiful mac. We started the daunting task of house moving at the beginning of August. I found I had far too much stuff! I also found that when sorting my room, my desk was sorted before my bed was..hmm priorities!

Second row- Our beautiful new house. According to instagram I have been drinking copious amounts of tea whilst crafting- either that or I like taking photos of my mug?

Third Row- This could be a reason for the tea drinking- our Aga! A cup of tea is all the more exciting when the kettle whistles right? Supporting team GB in the olympics. Planning, planning, planning whilst I had no internet. Setting up a calendar tutorial for the blog. 

Fourth Row- Experimenting with reverse appliqué. Organising my fabric. Spending some quality time with this man. 

Phew!!! We are only half way through the month too! 

What has August brought for you so far. 

Instagram is becoming a great tool for me. I love following a few of you. If you would like us to stop by your instagram, why not put your username in the comments then we can share the love there as well as on our blogs ( only if you want to mind!) 

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Thanks for stopping by!

1 comment:

Sian said...

It's scary how much effect on life no internet has these days..course you probably don't remember life before the interent existed lol

I hope you are settling into your new house :)