7 August 2012

Once upon an August afternoon

Once upon an August afternoon a girl sat at her desk thinking. She was thinking about a certain man and a certain photo she was holding in her hand.

As the light streamed through the window a ray of inspiration came.

For the first time in over a year she moved over to the purple plastic box and thumbed through the contents with trembling fingers. 

Nothing took her fancy so she moved to the bags, bulging with scraps, burying her hand in and pulling out colours and patterns at random.

She cleared a space on her desk and set to work. Not following a pattern, not pressured into doing what everyone else was doing. She followed an old instinct for patterns and combinations, revelling in the stickiness of the glue and the joy of combining words and photos.

It felt strangely easy for her to be coming back to this craft. She didn't think too much, just used things she liked.

A couple of hours later and she was done. 

She looked at her layout and saw all that it represented, not only in the subject matter but also in the cathartic process of creating in paper again. 

There it was, a scrapbook page..

Four years

For those not in the know, I hit a low point with scrapbooking over a year ago. I felt a lot of pressure to create and not enough time to do so. I wrote about it here. The other day, as written above, I sat down and made a page again and LOVED it. Hopefully this is the start of scrapbooking again. I am certainly drooling over all the new paper collections online, which has to be a good sign!


scrappyjacky said...

So glad to see you scrapping again,Abi....sometimes we just need a break....and can come back to it fresh....as you have with this lovely page.

Sinead said...

Love this page - the stitching, the layering, the photo, the title...it's just gorgeous! :D

Sian said...

Hurray - scrapbooking again :) Just lovely.

Jo.C said...

And it looks great - very distinctive. Well done :0)

Beverly said...

Some things are like sitting down with an old friend again :) Love that you enjoyed and felt relaxed not pressured ;)

Maria Ontiveros said...

I love this - great background paper, the blue at top and bottom balance the photo, awesome hand drawn lines and journaling. Your instincts are definitely dead-on!

boysmum2 said...

The newsprint paper is just perfect, congrats on doing baby steps back to scrapping

Daphne said...

Ahhhh, Abi! Love the page! Love the story about it, and love that you might be back in 'business'?! ;)