1 August 2012

*Thank you to everyone who provided answers to my photo storage space question! Looks like I am not alone! At the moment I am trying adding my pictures through photo bucket. This seems to be working well as photo bucket can connect up to my iPhoto albums. I am going to try resizing as well though as that seems to be the trick that most people use! Thank you for all the advice!*

Another month and another list of goals. I have quite a few things on this month so my goals reflect that:

In August I want to:

-Finish my quilt
-Start to sort and print photos for university
-Make a permanent big calendar for planning my blog posts.
-Spend some quality time with the boy
-Fully engage and enjoy Momentum christian camp.
-Maybe (and this is a big maybe) try and do a layout about our holiday.
-sort out my clothes for uni. What needs to be thrown out what needs replacing.

Just a few things to do then!

Just a quick plug for Operation Speak out on Thursday. A day for commenting on every blog you visit. One blog or fifty, just comment! If you want to know more details stop by here or click the link on my sidebar.

What are you goals for August?


scrappyjacky said...

Sounds quite a lot to do,Abi.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Thanks for the reminder. I really need to make a "to do" list. Now that we're back and adjusting to the new normal (my husband seems to be doing fine, thanks for asking!), I need to get focused on the regular things of life.