18 September 2012

Life Right Now- according to Instagram

This is life right now according to my instagram (and the boys)

Top row left to right: The knitting needles coming out again, our trip to the twenty20 cricket final in Cardiff for the middle brothers 18th.

Middle row: Spotting a golden postbox. Going on a lunch date with the boy. Gotta love this man.

Bottom row: Hunting out interesting shapes and patterns. Loving the sunsets and the evening light as Autumn draws in. Trying out some new experiments in decorating pencils. Mixed results but they do look pretty!

Top Row: I am resorting to leaving notes on my camera after too many times taking it somewhere without a memory card in it! Experimenting with fabric and paint. Celebrating Dads birthday.

Middle row: A new quilt in the works (more on this later). Finding my lomo camera and a mysterious film inside.

Bottom Row: Road trip with Dad to a church retreat. Taking photos of the boy. weak.at.the.knees.

So much packed into a month as usual but some great memories here.

I am still loving instagram and still loving capturing those every day moments that I would otherwise have missed.

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JO SOWERBY said...

how cool to have seen a gold postbox. loving the picture of the boy in the top pictures, he looks very cool and suave. like the sewing pics and the pencils tied with twine,
jo xxxx

Sian said...

It looks happy and busy - like you are fitting in lots of lovely things before term starts

humel said...

I like the look of that knitting!! Great collection of pics capturing a great collection of moments :) lol at the note on the camera - I have been known to take an empty camera out myself...

Beverly said...

awww the first set aren't showing for me but I can see the second set, I've been caught without a card a few times recently as well.