3 September 2012

Oh man how I love this month!
Summer is lovely but I crave those crisp days, amazing colours and crunch that comes with Autumn.
I love the wooly tights, the layering up and those amazing evenings.

September is also my birthday so a whole lot of excitement there!

I'm going to keep my goals simple this month..

-Finish my quilt
-write up some ideas for a quick tutorial series for the blog
-Prepare for uni ( forms, photos, prayer )
-Sort out my wardrobe.
-Go and see a show in London with the boy.

What are your goals/plans for this month?


Maria Ontiveros said...

Those are excellent goals. I'm mostly about keeping my head above water! But I do need to push my boy to start the college application process.

Beverly said...

Get the exercise/diet thing into a routine. Watch football and finish redoing out master bedroom :) Have a glorious September, Abi!