15 September 2012

Tutorial- Watercolour Map


So, the last of my student makes. I have had so much fun putting this mini series together. Thank you to everyone who commented and pinned and read.
This last make is super easy and very effective- my brother commented on it! Now that is a compliment friends!

2 sheets of white card
Glue (any will do)
craft knife

Approx cost:
I think I had everything on hand. Definitely not going to cost you a lot!
£10 for the frame but this is purely optional!

*The first few pictures are awful. I am sorry! The paint was a stronger colour in real life!*

1. Grab your first sheet of white card. I used a 12 x 12 piece just so I had more space to work on. Choose two colours that blend together. Eg blue and green or red and pink. You get the idea!

2. You are going to create an ombre effect so starting with the darker colour sweep it across the top of the page. Add more and more water as you move down so it turns lighter and then blend in your next colour using the same technique.

3. Leave your paper to dry. I am so impatient at this stage!

4. Whilst your paper is drying print out the outline of the UK or state or country depending on where you are! Just print it black and white on your second piece of card. A4 sized this time.

5. Using Scissors and a craft knife carefully cut away inside the shape of the country so you are just left with a stencil. This part does take some patience and some time so go slowly, making sure you get the details.

6. When you are happy with your stencil lay it over the top of your watercolour page. This is why I use a bigger piece of card for the watercolours-it gives you more options at this stage. Move your stencil around on the page till you are happy with the positioning of the colours on the map.

7. Glue your stencil securely to the watercolour page and trim the back page to A4.

8. Cut out a small dot or heart and stick it to your favourite place on the map. I then sewed around the edge of the stencil for effect but this is entirely optional.

9. Pop in a frame!

Easy peasy!

Thanks for stopping by


Jo.C said...

Brilliant and it looks so effective. Great job.

Lou said...

wow that is a brilliant idea Abi..love it x

JO SOWERBY said...

i really love this. such a simple idea but sper effective. if onnly i liked the cutting out parts as much, hang on i have a friend who does perhaps we could join forces,
jo xxxx

Sian said...

I think that's just beautiful! Perfect for hanging in a bedroom in Halls, perhaps?

Maria Ontiveros said...

LOvely - my favorite part is the placement of the heart.

Abi said...

oh yes, you think correctly Sian! x

Ifversen said...

Really really beautiful - I will have to try this!

Beverly said...

Love this, Abi, definitely one I'm putting on the "to do" list :)

Matt said...

My sister and I really enjoyed this one, thanks Abi!


Missus Wookie said...

Oh now that is gorgeous - simple and effective. Thanks for sharing.