14 September 2012

Portraits of a man

It's good to set yourself some photography challenges.
I like little targets. Little markers. I like challenges.
I challenged myself to shoot in black and white in camera. Not changing the colour afterwards.

Shooting. without. colour.

I have tried this before and it still amazes me how when the colour goes, the whole tone of the photo changes. Suddenly. It is one man and the details of his face and a whole lot of photos that I can't get enough of!

I enjoyed my little challenge. Can't say that the boy did as much!

What photography challenge will you/have you taken up? How about trying black and white? Black and white is perfect for low light settings too. Give it a go!

Thanks for stopping by.


Amy said...

I like B&W too, third one down today is particularly good Abi. :-)

Sian said...

He kept going though - finding a model is starting to become a challenge round here. I like your tip about using black and white for low light.

humel said...

He makes a great model - I was going to ask how willing he was to model for you but I think you answered that at the end of your post lol! I keep meaning to try shooting in black and white and promptly forgetting my intention...

PS I sent you an email, did it get to you? Not sure if I have the right address for you?

humel said...

Hmm, I think I did use the right address then but you don't seem to have got it.... Just sent another, hoping for better luck this time!

Abi said...

all working now! i have replied to you x

Lou said...

its always good to shoot in B&W I used to make sure i done this every year...in the days when we had to buy film for my camera!

Maria Ontiveros said...

And the lighting becomes so much more important, too. I love these. My photo challenges have mainly been on creating still lifes.