13 November 2012

30 days of Thanksgiving


I have seen the 30 days of thanksgiving floating around the web and instagram for the last few weeks and thought it was a really lovely idea. Over here in good old England we don't celebrate thanksgiving but giving thanks is always a good thing I think.

For those who don't know I have seen this little meme in several different ways, firstly as a form of journalling like a scrapbook page and secondly as a hashtag on instagram. The basis is really fairly obvious: journal, record, photograph what you are thankful for for thirty days. 

Now, I was pretty slow to jump on the bandwagon so I have recorded the things I was thankful for in the first few days of November but I am missing some from last week. 

I wanted my "things" to be everyday thanksgivings so I therefore turned to my favourite...instagram.
I felt the pictures needed something more though so I whipped up a few templates for the photos and some added journalling. 

I think a blurb book of these at the end of the month would be great! 

Such a great idea and such a reminder to me that rather than focus on what has gone wrong, in all things we should give thanks. 
Are you doing anything for Thanksgiving? 

I have made blank templates of each design if you are interested in using them. If so please say in the comments and I can put them on here!


Maria Ontiveros said...

These are so wonderful - I think Day 3 is my favorite!

scrappyjacky said...

These are lovely,Abi....love the cathedral photo.

Sian said...

Lovely! The more I see of Thanksgiving, the more I think we should adopt the day over here too.

Beverly said...

Love that you have adopted Thanksgiving in your heart! Great templates :) I have been absent lately but hope that is about to change. Feel the need to let you know there is a typo in the third one so you can correct it ..for "of" you have "pf".

Abi said...

Thank you Bev! How i wish photoshop had a spell checker! xx

Lou said...

beautiful x

humel said...

I love how you're doing this, Abi! And I'd definitely be interested in the templates, please :)

alexa said...

A truly lovely series of pages: I especially like the rhythm of your writing, and the repetition at the start and finish - felt like a meditation or an intercessory prayer ... :).

Karen said...

I love the templates, but it's your journaling that is truly wonderful here.

Missus Wookie said...

Glad someone else mentioned the typo - I wish PS had a spell checker too. I like the repeated lines of journaling - gives a lovely feel to the whole project.