28 November 2012

Thinking out loud

Today I am thinking out loud....

It is wet here. Like hasn't stopped raining for over a day. The river is flooded and burst its banks and we have to walk the long way round to get to lectures. On the plus side I don't feel silly wearing my wellies around town. Swings and roundabouts friends!

I am very excited for the beginnings of advent. I feel like these last weeks are going to fly by in great dollops so before we know it it will be the holidays! There is so much to fit in and that in turn is exciting and also scary.

I am busy scouring pinterest for some table decorations. It is my tradition each year at Christmas to make something for each place on Christmas day. If anyone has any bright ideas do wing them my way!

I am sad that I haven't made anything recently. My hands are twitching towards my sewing machine but I am trying to resist at least until the essays are over.

I am looking forward to all the Christmas events in Durham. I think it is living this close to the cathedral but the prospect of carols and candles is making me so happy. I need to crack on with a bit of christmas shopping though and get writing those christmas cards.

I am thankful for kind blog friends who understand my busy-ness and still stop by my blog to say hello. Thank you. I read every comment and every one of them makes me smile. Incidentally I can't wait to meet some of you in person at the bloggers retreat!

So, life around here is exciting and busy and full of anticipation. What is going on in your world?


Beverly said...

Good girl resisting the draw of the sewing machine, soon it will be break and you can create. Stay dry, ducky ;)

JO SOWERBY said...

I love living in a cathedral city too. We have the reindeer parade and advent this Sunday and the lights go on. Then it's make merry for several weeks until the big day..............yep I'll be 47 this year heehee
Jo xxx

scrappyjacky said...

Hopefully you'll have time over the christmas break to indulge in some 'making'.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Always glad to see you whenever you can make an appearance. Enjoy the holidays in Durham.