2 December 2012

Storytelling Sunday- The story of the video calls

My mother is not very technologically minded so when I first suggested to her that we tried FaceTime when I went away to uni she was sceptical.

(Facetime is like Skype for those of you who share my mothers disposition regarding technology. Skype for those who really don't know is a free video call system!)

"How will it work?" she enquired.
After trying and failing to explain such things as fibre optics we gave up and instead gave her a demonstration at home.
She gleefully ran around the house with the laptop video calling me on the i-pad in the kitchen.
So we could safely say it was a hit!

We resolved to use video chat at uni.
Well, Mr Jobs, I owe you a lot!

My Mum has gone from bafflement to amazement to downright cross when we now can't "facetube" as she calls it!

If I am honest though I do share her excitement. There is nothing better than sitting down at my desk and calling home and being able to see them all crowded around the screen at the kitchen table, the Aga in the background.

It has become a bit of a family affair. You see on a phone it is a one on one conversation but when we video call the whole family gets involved. My mother invariably takes up most of the screen or doesn't quite get in because she has forgotten that you have to look at the camera. I am treated to ten minutes talking to her left eye!

My dad will often join in next to her and my brothers will sometimes poke their heads round. Even Granny has joined in the fun though whether she quite "got" it remains to be seen! It has been brilliant to literally "show" my family my decorated bedroom or out of the window and they in turn can show me things around the house.

But you know what is especially nice? Getting to FaceTime this man as well... swoon.

Yes, one day in my dotage my grandchildren will laugh at me for being old fashioned enough to video call but for now. It is magic my friends! Who needs a phone I ask you?!

This story is told in conjunction with the lovely Sian and her storytelling Sunday. Do stop by to send her some love and read the other fab stories.


Anonymous said...

I so agree. :) xxx

Maria Ontiveros said...

My daughter face times her local friends all the time! Such a different way of growing up.

Sian said...

Abi, this is brilliant! It has given me such a smile because I'm sure if you asked my two they would describe me in exactly the same terms. I have less than a year left to get to grips with thw whole thing so that I can keep in touch with that big lad of mine. I'll let you know how it goes! many thanks for your stories tis year Abi. Much appreciated by us all

Missus Wookie said...

We sang Happy Birthday to Tigger (down in Bath) last weekend, and could see her man hiding in the corner as he had snuck up from his uni as a surprise. Lovely to be able to see her, the cards/pressies etc. always wonderful to be able to share such times.

Mel said...

Love this story - she sounds just like my mom who calls texting emailing and can't quite get the hang of it all!

Becky said...

Great Abi! I am doing just this with Penny now that she is at Uni! It is wonderful to be able to see her happy in her flat and I am sure your Mum is as happy to see you as you are to see her and your family.

boysmum2 said...

Don't you love it when someone discovers the joy that the electronic world can bring them. Glad you have such a fun way to keep in touch whilst away from the family.

Lou said...

another face time family here. I speak to my sister (in london) on it frequently x

alexa said...

I often feel so envious of parents these days with young adults at uni - we had to make do with the odd phone call or email :). Way, way back, we used to queue at the public phone boxes to ring home!

Melissa said...

What a great story! When my nephew was deployed overseas, the entire family learned to Skype.

Beverly said...

One of the truly great things about using technology :)