28 February 2013

Let's sit and have a cup of tea...


It's so good to see you. Let's stop and have a cup of tea and chat.

If you were with me now I would meet you in the centre of Durham. The Sun is wonderfully bright and the world is crisp and frosty and  clear. We would comment on the weather (if you are british and so inclined that way) and then I would take your arm and lead you off to one of my favourite coffee shops. 

Down the alley and up the stairs I would take you, to a secret spot and my little slice of perfect. We would choose our teas -assam for me, and a good gooey slice of cake to share (I am a student we must remember). 

We would make our ourselves comfortable on the soft sofas and as your poured the first cup this is what I would probably tell you...

I would tell you that I have so much work it is silly, that trying to write six essays that all count towards my first year mark is getting me down a bit. I would smile though and remind you and myself that I am trying to maintain perspective. The essays will come and go and the world will keep on turning. I would tell you that my favourite place to work is still the cathedral library. It is so peaceful in there. Before I work I go and sit in the nave for a few minutes. Just being still. Thinking and praying about what needs to be done. 

I would then laugh as you told me how uni days would fly and to enjoy them while they lasted. I would  tell you that I have such wonderful friends at uni. Friends who are so similar to me, who don't mind spending hours watching friends with a big mug of tea cuddled up on a bed. Friends who bless me so much and talk sense to me when I am feeling stressed. I would enquire about your uni friends and ask if you are still in contact with them?

I would tell you that I am so bored of cold weather. That the jumpers have had their day. I would tell you that yesterday the sun shone and my mood totally shifted. I worked with my lovely sash window open and got a taste of what it will be like this summer. 

As we poured the second cup and you tucked into the cake I would tell you excitedly about the music I am doing at the moment. About the college choir I have joined and Faure's requiem which we will be singing in two weeks. I would tell you that I have picked up my flute again and joined an orchestra. We are playing film music and I have fallen in love again with the Lord of the Rings soundtrack! I would ask you if you played and instrument and if you still do? I would tell you that part of the joy of orchestra is playing with an old school friend who used to sit next to me in school bands for years. 

Time would move on as we shared life, as we laughed, as the cake became crumbs and the tea got down to the last dregs. I would talk about crafting. I would lament not being able to go on the bloggers weekend due to expensive trains but would smile at the thought of my family coming to visit soon. I would ask what projects you are working on and what layouts you had recently made. I would tell you that I am itching to make another quilt, this time with equilateral triangles! I would giggle that I really don't need more quilts.

We would end up inevitably talking about blogs. I would tell you just how amazed I am when someone comes up to me and tells me they read my blog. I would laugh and say that I assume the only people who read it are those who comment! I feel so lucky and blessed that people want to read my words and that many of those people have become my friends. I would tell you all about a lovely new blog friendship I have made and how much I am enjoying getting to know this lovely lady. I would thank you for reading my blog. 

We would stand up to go, replete from our tea, from doing life together, for friendship. 

Yes, tea with you would be very nice indeed. 

If you were with me now, what would you tell me? 
Do write a post and link it up so we can all enjoy tea with friends. The linky is open all week! 


Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Hi Abi ~ I thoroughly enjoyed my cup of tea with you - and your photos in this post are gorgeous! It was fun to hear what you are up to these days, and I just loved your words about blog friends and the relationships we form through blogging. Thanks for hosting this little link up party! xo

Sian said...

You can do it! You can write those essays!

I think I'd probably mention that after two weeks away, our coffee machine has been returned, fixed. We don't drink a lot of tea..so this has been a big moment this week!

A lovely post.

debs14 said...

I would definitely listen to you and then reassure you that those essays will get written, that you shouldn't stress about them too much and that before you know it your first year will be over. Not long now and it will be the Easter break! I will try and do a post tomorrow to link up.
PS I'm sure that cake was delicious, right down to the last crumb!

Jo.C said...

Lovely post and I agree with everyone - break it down into small chunks. You can do it :)

Fay aka Beautifullily said...

If I were with you today I would say how sorry I was too that you weren't joining us on the bloggers crafting weekend and that I am also fed up of the cold weather. I'm glad to hear that you'll see your family soon.

Maria Ontiveros said...

I love this idea. I'll be sharing a cup of coffee on Monday morning.
I would love to sit and relive my University days with you and also talk about where your future lies.

Beverly said...

I know it was fun showing the family around Durham and exploring all the places you refer to but they couldn't visualize. I have no doubt you will do beautifully on those essays. It seems like time drags for things like that but before you know it you wonder how that freshmen year went so fast. I'm having coffee over at my house today but also fixed tea and fancied it up in case you or any other Brits dropped by ;) I'm not expecting you until 4pm my time (US eastern standard time)but you'll get a hello monday if you here early ;)

Barbara said...

What a lovely idea Abi, I have shared my chat on my blog. I would love to meet you and drink tea!

Lorraine said...

Thank you for this Abi.

alexa said...

Such a lovely post! I would be applauding your desire to keep a work/life balance and admiring your ability to fit so much in :). A well-rounded life is a beautiful thing.