26 February 2013

Project Life week 8

It's week 8! I am becoming far more disorganised with my PL spreads, probably because the last few weekends have been pretty busy.

I had a lot of instagram photos this week from my lent instagram project. I contemplated putting all the photos into the spread but then decided that maybe that was overkill!

I love the two shoe photos I managed to capture last week. They were great to document the crazy weather we had- spring to winter and snow in a matter of days!

I used one of my stamped images I gave as a free download here. I found it summed up my sentiments well this week, especially regarding taking an instagram photo each day. I am contemplating doing a second set of stamped words when I next have access to a scanner.

This second page is all about keeping it real. I had a bit of a wake up call regarding work and I wanted to document that. It is important to me that PL is about recording the tough things as well as the wonderful things. I want to look through  my book at the end of the year and have a real document of life, not the edited nice version!

I made a simple quote graphic for this week, taking inspiration from the quote cards I have used the last few weeks. I have popped it in at the end of the post if you would like to copy it and have it for personal use.

Phew! A lot of things to say on these two pages but all good stuff folks!


alexa said...

Your commitment to be genuine really shines through, Abi, in all the blanching that you do..this is going to be a wonderful record. I would ave loved to have had details of my university life like this! And that is a great quote :).

alexa said...

PS Apologies. That should read "balancing". This oldie needs to wear her glasses more!

Sarah said...

A lovely insight. And I daresay, doing project life will help you to see potential work problems early on, and help you sort them in your head. Thank you for that great quote - and Alexa, I did wonder what "blanching" might be...

Karen said...

More wonderful photos, Abi, and such a great record of your days.