21 August 2010

A bit of this and a bit of that

Hi All

Firstly, HUGE thanks to everyone on the lovely comments about my A Levels. It really gave me a lift to find so many people rooting for me!

Also as several people asked about next year, I thought a quick explanation might be in order. Basically this year in every AS subject there are two modules which get marked on UMS points. You add the two module scores together to get a grade, for example, A=160 B=140 etc. In History I got an A in one module but a B in the other so adding the scores together I got 153 which is a B! (sorry if that is very complicated!)

Next year A2 Marks get added onto the AS marks and make an A level. As I'm close to an A anyway in History, an A overall certainly isn't out of reach for next year which is a big relief!

Anyways..back to more interesting stuff! Life here is continuing as usual, everyone getting ready for school again! suits being bought, diary's being filled and in my case, frequent emails from the deputy head about induction day! Lol!

So, just to fill you in, I thought a quick "right now" would be good.. so...

Right now we are watching the geranium named Gerald! grow. Bit of a story with him. he was bigger little brothers biology experiment. He was taken home, adopted into the family when Dad's remote controlled helicopter had a bit of a detrimental experience with Gerlad and he succumbed to unexpected pruning! 6 Months on he is fully recovered and even has beautiful flowers! ahhh!
Enjoying seeing my Mum knit. She got a beuatiful pattern for a cardigan in America and is knitting it in this tweed wool in blueberry colour!
Right now I am playing this alot. I have recently really got into my flute playing and have an exam soon, so i figure the more I play the better!
I am looking forward to eating this handsome pair!
I am researching uni's like its going out of fashion! My results made me open my eyes a bit and I am expanding my ideas possibly looking at history and Rs together. My wonderful Dad is also getting quite into it and after I got my results, produced a list of possible uni's, courses, open days and what I need to get into them! bless him!
Right now, I have started my America mini book but have lost my mojo a bit so just accumulating ideas!
And finally, I have just finished knitting this scarf. I have knitted it on two different sized needles so it has a lovely texture and should be nice and warm for the winter!

So...a whistle stop tour of my world at this moment.Thanks for stopping by and don't forget the giveaway below. It closes tomorrow night!

Loves xxxxx


humel said...

I thought you'd have a chance to pull your History up to an A next year - I'm sure you can do it :-) Good idea to explore your options now, though! Love the snapshot of where you're at right now xx

PS Good luck with that flute exam!

Sian said...

And you're into knitting now too - fantastic!

You struck a chord today with me: my older one is doing GCSE's next year and already talking about his AS options; and my younger one is worrying about not being able to play her flute because of impending braces!

Lizzie said...

This is a great post, Abi! So nice to "catch up" with your world. I am glad you have the chance to pick up that History grade next year (I thought you probably would). Uni is the BIG topic just now... must be a bit scary to hear and watch all the news about places, clearing etc etc. More incentive to work as hard as you can, I suppose (but don't overdo it!!)

We are just thinking about the back-to-school stuff. Bought some uniform items, but need to have The Grand Trying-on Session, I think, as The Boy is growing faster than Gerald the geranium just now! I suspect he will need a few new things, as he's had much of his sports kit since he started three years ago. Hopefully his shoes will be ok as I only bought him new ones in June! Football boots and trainers though... I don't like this time of year - it's too expensive!

Next year, we'll be buying a complete new uniform. I think even the shirts are a different colour at J's Upper School (we have a 3-tier system here so he will change school in Year 9, at 13+ - just in time for his GCSE choices!). I think I had better start saving up for the new uniform now - it cost us enough for this school, but I think we may need a small mortgage for all the kit and equipment he'll need next year!

Enjoy your remaining week or two at home and don't work too hard next term! I hope you find just the right university course. You'll be going off to the Open Days and filling in forms soon. Wow, you're in for a busy time!