29 August 2010

A little cherry on top!

Happy Sunday.

The weather is disgusting here. Sunny one minute, cloudy and dark the next and frequent showers. I am loathe to put on any winter clothes as I know they won't come off till at least april! ahhh! Hey ho, chin up!!

The other day the very lovely Becky sent me this award

There are five conditions to this award:
  • I thank the person who gave it to me
  • I put the award on my blog
  • List three things about myself
  • Post a picture I love
  • Tag five people
So... Becky, thank you so much. your sweet comments made my day, and I am thrilled to be recognised in the blogging world!

Three things about me:
I could list some very boring facts that you probably already know, so I'm going to choose three very random ones...
1. I like spiders and have held a tarantula! (ok it was at a zoo but still!) 
 2. I found out the other day that in the last 7 years I have grown a whopping...10cm. yep! that's right. I am rather small! 
 3. I can only wink with one eye (my left if you were wondering!)

Here are my not so random ones, just for the record! (in case you didn't know and therefore don't find them boring!)
1. I am 17 years old but will be 18 next month! ahhhhhhhhh
2. I have an incredible boyfriend who recently described me as "feisty" and told me that he tries to stick up for me but I have normally got there first and stuck up for myself! charming!
3. I am a christian, trying hard to follow God's plan for me!

Hmm.. a picture I love. Too many here..
Probably would have to be this one. I tend to love my most recent photos and this one just sums the two of us up! No my friend isn't trying to swear.. she didn't know how to do a peace sign bless her!

5 People to tag....

That would be Daphne for her incredible and beautiful blog
Mel for her sweet daily pictures
Lizzie for her incredible book binding skills she shows on her blog
Jo for posting lovely stories and making me laugh
Jacky for always posting such lovely comments and being a great crafter!

Hope you enjoyed this little snapshot of me! Thanks for stopping by!

Loves xxxxx


scrappyjacky said...

Thank you so much for this,Abi....but you can keep the spiders.

humel said...

Thank you xx And I just found some things we have in common - I've held a tarantula, and I can only wink with my left eye too - if I try to do it with my right it looks like I'm having a fit!! Plus of course we're both Christians, but I already knew that one :-)

Becky said...

Love the photos in the post below - looks like you had great fun! Looking forward to seeing how you scrap them :)

Jennifer Grace said...

I like your random facts, lol that you can only wink one eye! I also like the fact about you being feisty!

Have just checked out the blog tags, some great sites there. I love filling up my google reader with great blogs like yours! xx

debs14 said...

Great to learn a little bit more about you. I'm most impressed about the spider story, I don't think there is any way I could hold a tarantula without wearing 3 pairs of gloves and protective clothing!

Sian said...

A well deserved award! And it is nice to learn a little bit more about you too. I'm quite fond of spiders myself :)

JO SOWERBY said...

ooh ive never held a tarantula and not sure i want to but glad u hade, haha. what have i done to make u laugh i wonder?
thanx honey ur a sweety
Jo xxxx

humel said...

Just trying to make absolutely sure you don't miss the news lol - you won one of my giveaway prizes, congratulations xx

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Thanks sooo much Abi! This is my first award - finally I got one! I hope I will have time to "answer" this one very soon! xoxoxo

Liberty :) said...

hey abi havent been around here for a while but your blog is looking fab! congrats for your results good luck at uni, made a decision yet?

Louisa-Jane said...

Hi Abi!
You posted a comment on my blog awhile ago and I noticed you are also doing LSN. : ) I thought I would have a browse through your blog and LOVED this post!!! I am also Christian and trying to grow and be a better person.
On a funny note...I can only wink with my right eye! My bf always laughs and tries to get me to wink with my left eye...then we both end up in stitches at the funny faces I pull in efforts to succeed. : )